Action Camera Kit ‘s Accessories Bundle Kit Review

Action Camera Kit ‘s Accessories Bundle Kit Review

action camera kit

Having children totally brought the photographer out in me!! From the minute we came home from the hospital (and even on the way home!) I started taking pictures of my little doing everything and anything.

At first it was just photos, but then I figured out how to turn my camera’s video recorder on… And I discovered just how fun it is to make videos of us all!

Last summer we decided to purchase the GoPro Hero 4 and have been loving it. So when Action Camera Kit contacted me to review their new GoPro Accessories Bundle Kit, I thought this may just be the thing to take me to the next level of video making – family action videos – and I agreed. Action Camera Kit sent me this product in exchange for my honest review, all words are completely my own here.

You can purchase your 31 in 1 Sports Kit Accessories Bundle Kit for GoPro – 8GB Memory Card – High Quality Materials – 1 Year Warranty – By ActionCameraKit – For Gopro 4 Hero 3/2/1 HD SJ4000 5000 6000 7000 Xiaomi on Amazon where it is described as:

  • Best Value For Your Money! – Grab this ultimate Gopro(r) Accessories Bundle Kit Case as it comes with a FREE 8GB SD Memory Card compatible with any Action Camera. Click ‘Add to cart Now’ to order your extreme family kit.
  • High Quality Materials – We designed and manufactured our Action Camera Accessories Kit with the strongest materials so you can be assured that your Action Camera is safe.
  • 31-in-1 Combo Kit – In our Kit you can find any accessory that you need, including the memory card, so you can start using your Camera right away. And as a bonus you will receive our shockproof case that will keep parts safe and will make it easy to take them anywhere you want.
  • Hands-Free Recording – The Chest Harness and Head Strap allow easy hands-free recording. Enjoy and capture the moment with your Action Camera while Cycling, Hiking, Climbing, Running, Motocross or any other outdoor action sports.
  • 1 Year limited warranty – We know that we have the best Action Camera kit, so we offer a 1 Year limited warranty.

I was pleased to see it arrive within 2 days of ordering on Amazon in minimal packaging.

action camera kit

I was really excited to find out that it is a hard shell case (perfect for traveling) and it comes with a special padded spot for everything – they even put a pre-carved out space for you to put your camera in here too!!

action camera kit

First I spread everything out and read the directions – pictured at the top.

After testing out each accessory I was impressed. Each piece easily and securely attached to my GoPro4 Camera. The case is invaluable, especially if you travel a lot. It allows you to keep everything for your GoPro in one spot, safely organized!

The harnesses are excellent quality, totally adjustable and work like a charm. I cannot wait to get some footage from our next ski adventure thanks to the head and chest harness! The floating grip really floats with the camera on it and is the perfect size for your hand to comfortably hold on to while swimming.

All of the mounts are great, the suction worked however I did not use it long term. I tested it for about 30 minutes and had no problems.

The flexible tripod is cool, however a little small. You will have to stack up something flat on a table and put the camera on top when sitting to get your face in the shot.

All in all, I love this product, give it two thumbs up and highly recommend it. The case is light to carry when packed and completely durable. There is even room to store your other GoPro accessories in!

And yes, the kids helped me test the GoPro Accessories Bundle Kit. We dropped it on the floor a couple of times and may have kicked it to each other once or twice (as if it were being checked onto a plane!), and everything was intact inside afterwards completely fine! 😉

The GoPro Accessories Bundle Kit is definitely on my must-have list for 2016!

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