A New Year, A New Life

A New Year, A New Life

Conscious Living: a new year a new live

My favorite thing about the New Year holiday is taking the time to think about the previous year and how I would like things to be different in the upcoming New Year knowing that anything is possible with a fresh start. Some years things are going great so it is a matter of upping my game, right?! Other years, not so much and a total energy revamp is needed!

2018 went out in a blaze of craziness for me. So 2019 is definitely one of those years where I need to change my energy, my mindset and my daily habits. There has been so much change in our lives in the last 2 years that it has been almost crippling. So I have decided that this year is going to be the first year in a very long time in which we will THRIVE.

In creating a power word of intention, thrive, I have begun to change my mindset. I am excited thinking about all of the opportunities ahead of us, I know the kids and I are super strong and it is time for good things to happen because we are good people. This year, we will thrive. Now to think about our daily habits…

Where To Start

One of the most important things I talk about is what we put into our bodies – the food we eat. Yet, I had gotten pretty slack in 2018… And I know that contributed to all of the crazy energy flowing around me. So when Laura, my awesome Arbonne rep (coach really, she is incredible) talked to me about doing the 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge I knew it was just the thing to restore my body back to eating conscious again.

I wasn’t necessarily eating bad foods (ok, I was snacking a bit more than usual, but nothing really bad), but I wasn’t eating consistently, sometimes not at all because I just forgot and when you are feeding several people, it happens… lol!! Also, the stress diet… right?! I had no appetite for so long. So I knew my vitamins and minerals were probably down and I knew my body needed a full reboot.

I had heard about this challenge before, and it was always good, positive feedback. And now I’m excited to add my own success story to the mix! Not only did I make it through the 28 Days, but I’m still utilizing the shakes during the day and plan to continue them! My body feels great, I have more energy and guess what? I’m thriving!! ?

So For Now…

Check out what was in the 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge Box here, and what my plan was. It totally worked.

>>You can click here to get your own order started now with Laura. <<

I know it sounds simple, but food is so important. Our bodies, our minds, our energies can simply not function properly without getting good, clean fuel consistently every day. And Arbonne has literally taken all of the guesswork out of how to properly reboot your body and get you back on the conscious path. They make it so easy, and delicious might I add.

Doing a challenge with Arbonne is a lot easier than you think it is, as you will see over the next week when I share my detailed experience. My kids ate and really enjoyed all of the dinners Arbonne suggested with me and there are even a few recipes we are keeping to make again!

Conscious Living: What is in my Arbonne 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge Box?
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By doing this challenge, I was able to slowly start changing my daily eating habits which greatly impacts my mindset and energy. It helped me get back on track and stay there. Good, clean foods allow my body to function optimally and encourages me to make better choices.  

I hope you will choose to join me on this conscious path and take the 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge with Laura, it really will change your being! Click here to get started now!

Cheers and Happy Thoughts!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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