5 Reasons Why I Disconnected & What I Did (Psst… You Should Too!)

5 Reasons Why I Disconnected & What I Did (Psst… You Should Too!)

5 Reasons to Disconnect

We all go through seasons in life, some stormy filled with heartbreak, some seasons filled with rainbows and love. Some last longer than others, some seasons come and go so easily you may not even notice.

I’ve just been through a very stormy season, one that created a strong need to disconnect for a while; to unplug, to refocus, to rejuvenate. Over 90% of Americans are online, via their phone, tablet or laptop, they are connected. And some of us, can’t seem to ever put them down. I was definitely one of them.

Why Being Disconnected Is Important

Finding balance between being a mom, working from home on a mostly digital platform, being so far away from my family and friends, and adjusting to divorce has been a challenge for sure. I suddenly found myself in a hurricane season where I was attached to my phone or my laptop, trying to forget all of the pain that was taking over my life.

At this point in the technology era, we all know that too much tech time is bad for us. There needs to be balance. We limit the amount of time we allow our children, so why are we not limiting the time we are using?

I realized last March, I needed to disconnect for a while. Things were not getting better in our lives, they were getting more volatile and more challenging. Nothing seemed to be going right.

So I did something drastic…

I hung up the phone, I closed and stored the laptop, I turned off the wifi, I disconnected.

5 Reasons Why I Disconnected

  1. To regain my focus. So many studies have now been done to show us that using Facebook and other social media sights can lead to depression. Taking time to disconnect, to focus on all of the amazing things we do have is a great remedy for that. It also allowed for me to really think about what makes me happy and what it is that I want to accomplish so that I could begin to make it happen. Instead of jumping online to see who was doing what or how many likes and impressions my posts were churning, I stayed present in what was happening, I focused on what I wanted to happen.
  2. To strengthen my relationship with my children. I was becoming so overwhelmed, I felt like my children were not getting the one-on-one time they deserved. So I disconnected and focused on them, on us, on bringing harmony to our now single parent household. And it was amazing. I love my crew and I couldn’t be any more blessed than I am with them.
  3. To heal from destructive relationships. I’ve been through a lot in this lifetime, and at this age I find myself in a place of hurt from first physically and then mentally abusive relationships. So I shut down from everything but being a conscious mom for a while. I focused on healing my heart, healing with my children from all that we have been through and learning that I am just fine on my own, that everything is happening as it should.
  4. To sleep better. If you used to follow along, you know I have insomnia and do a lot of sleep posts. Study after study show us that the blue lights and emfs omitted by technology are very damaging to our sleep patterns. Disconnecting for a period of time helps us to naturally start to correct that and let’s our natural sleep patterns re-emerge.
  5. To take a much-needed brain break. Our brain’s can get quickly overloaded. In fact it happens to most of us. By disconnecting for a period of time, it allows our brains to take a break allowing us to be more productive and happier in the long run.

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5 reasons to disconnect

The good thing about life and seasons is that we always know another one will be coming. A new one has just begun for me, for my family. I needed this break, I needed to rejuvenate and become whole again. This is a new time about balance and peace.

I’ve spent the last 6 months quietly healing, disconnected while reconnecting, taking in what is around me, transitioning to my new single parent life with my two most incredible children by my side, learning, growing, awakening…

It’s the season to begin to share again. To share what I have been learning and continue to learn each day, to share my experiences, to all heal together, to celebrate all that is possible in this ever-changing game called life.

Because anything is possible, if you have the nerve…  – J.K. Rowling.

No matter what season you are in, find some balance by disconnecting for a little while. It may clear things up for you, as it did for me. Even if just for 30 minutes a day to start, shut everything off and just be in the moment.

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Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks, we have some great surprises in store for you and lots of great information that you need!

Cheers, peace and love,

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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