Video Baby Books

Video Baby Books

video baby books

It is a constant struggle for us parents to capture every important moment and milestone in our young ones’ lives. I never seem to have the right camera ready at the right moment. And pictures of ourselves with the kids? Forget about it!!

Until I met Francine Michelle, creator of Video Baby Books. Video Baby Books are my new favorite shower gift for 2015, what an amazing find they are!

Francine Michelle is an award-winning film maker. She uses her talents to

“help preserve the relationship between parent and child and bond families for generations. We all have life lessons we desire to pass on to the next generation to help them grow, what if you could immortalize those moments by stopping the passage of time on film? Human beings learn best visually, and the pictures and videos I put together for you can inform your little ones of who they are, ultimately aiding in who they’ll become.” (source)

What is a video baby book?

A video baby book is more than just written words next to a photo. Instead of writing answers to questions, they are answered on video intercut with images of baby, family interactions, pregnancy shots, and those special moments. In addition to you being in the video, your baby will one day get to see how loved they really are. Together you will remember those special moments and they, in turn, can share them with their little ones.

How do I get a video baby book?

Call Francine and check out her website at Her work is so impressive and emotional it speaks for itself!

Francine has such a peaceful way about her that really comes across in her work, a video baby book with her is the #musthave gift for EVERY LA & Malibu baby shower in 2015!! It is a gift that will last several lifetimes to connect generations of love.

If you have young children, she can work with the footage you already have. Francine also teaches local workshops on how to take better photos and what to do with them. She shares loads of great tips at these, so be sure to take advantage! Babies R Us is hosting her next one in Van Nuys, CA. #Parentingtips

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

PS – You can check out her film on Amazon – Desertion.

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