7 Conscious Hacks For Creating A Successful Homework Routine

7 Conscious Hacks For Creating A Successful Homework Routine

Conscious hacks for creating a successful homework routine

I never use the ‘H’ word in our home… The ‘h’ word is reserved for one thing and one thing only – to express how much I HATE homework!!! I hate it, hate it, hate it!

For so many reasons… but we won’t talk about that today. Because no matter how much I don’t like it, homework is a part of my children’s grades and must be completed. So it is an important part of my mom job to make sure my children not only complete it, but learn from homework as well.

With this new school year well under way, I’ve found some great new conscious hacks for creating a successful homework routine that will NOT make you want to pull your hair out! ?

7 Conscious Hacks for Creating A Successful Homework Routine

  1. Create a conscious homework station. Studies have shown us that routine is best when tackling homework – routine and consistency. So it makes sense to set up a spot at home, preferably in the kitchen, living room or office, not bedroom, that they will be in each day to complete their homework. Grab an inexpensive caddy or pencil box and fill it with everything they need to complete their work. Things like:
    • pencils, pens, erasers, glue, scissors, calculator, ruler, markers/crayons/color pencils (which ever is appropriate), stapler, white out (if you use that).
    • Basically, think about what they use, gather it and create a nice space.
    • If you have more than one child, like me, and you want to use the kitchen table for homework time, then use a big poster board in the center of the table like a divider so each child can focus – a new way to divide and conquer!
    • However you do it, pick a spot and make it homework cozy, friendly!
  2. Schedule a time and stick to it. Back to that routine and consistency… Picking a time, creating your afternoon schedule together with your children will help them learn good habits. We like to have a snack when we get home then get right on the homework. I find it best to get it done before free time so the free time is really free time without any work being held over their heads. Additionally, it teaches our children the message that work must come before play, which is an important thing for them to know. This is one of the most important conscious hacks for creating a successful homework routine.
  3. Make it fun and a little less pressure than being in school. Kids will mirror our behavior. So if we can be a positive influence than that is half the battle. Try singing the spelling words or letting them stand to do their homework. After sitting all day, sitting for another hour can be a challenge for kids. Many people are even working standing up now, so not being confined to a chair may help your child. Find fun apps that will encourage learning, our school uses spelling city and it is fantastic. Both my kids have fun with this, along with a few math apps that help support their current learning level. Make fun snacks that will feed their brain and make them smile.
  4. Provide incentives. Think about it, we as adults don’t work for free… lol!! So think about something they want together and set a parameter that works for your family. Like if there is complete, good homework all week without the complaining and procrastination, then they get to go somewhere special on the weekend or have a sleepover. Conscious hacks for creating a successful homework routine
  5. Do your own homework with them. We all have tons of things we can sit and do on the computer or making lists for an hour. Sit with your kids quietly. Be there to answer questions and show them you are working too!
  6. Don’t be afraid to get help. Ok, I’m not going to lie, one of the things I HATE about homework is that it is a different method than I learned and many times I don’t even understand the questions… THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE! That is where I turn and have never been let down. Its ok not to know, use the resources around us to figure out the question. I will type the question right into google and will be brought to several excellent homework help websites that do not give the answers, but explain how the question should be answered allowing you to help your child!! Don’t feel bad about not knowing, honestly, many of us don’t and rely on google to explain it to us!!
  7. Create a homework calendar. Use a dry erase board and each Monday night, have them write down what is due on what day that week to keep organized. If they are old enough, have them do it and you monitor it. It will help everyone to be on the same page and the children to learn responsibility.

Using these conscious hacks for a successful homework routine will ensure a little more peace in your home for homework time! What conscious hacks for a successful homework routine have you come up with – share them in the comments with us! Sharing is caring…!!!

Peace and happy homework hour!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx




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