How To Stay Sane During A Single Parent Summer

How To Stay Sane During A Single Parent Summer


Single parent life comes with many ups and downs. During the school year, it can be demanding enough to keep up with our work schedules, home duties and oversee our children’s development while keeping them out of trouble. But when summer break arrives, the challenge becomes even more complicated.

Whether this is your first summer in single parent -ville (welcome!) or you are a seasoned veteran, these tips will help you navigate the summer successfully while keeping your sanity healthy and intact! Keep reading!

5 Tips To Stay Sane During A Single Parent Summer

  1. Save time for you. It’s really important to be aware of how you are feeling and to make special time just for self-care. This will help ground you and to be the best parent you can be. Even just 5 minutes a day to breathe and center yourself can make a world of difference.
  2. Include the kids in finding solutions. Hold regular family meetings with your kids – no matter the age, let them know what is going on and ask if they have any great ideas on how to solve the issue. This empowers them, helps them learn independence and can really boost their self-confidence. Plus they do come up with great ideas so it can be really helpful when we – as the single parent – are feeling overwhelmed to include them in solution seeking!
  3. Volunteer. Teach your kids the value of community, plus get some great family bonding and activity in by finding a local place to volunteer – hospitals, libraries, feed banks, shelters, with animals, whatever speaks to you. Volunteering is a great way to get involved and have something that feels really good to do as a family.
  4. Set aside 1 on 1 time with each child. They need the opportunity to process their feelings and thoughts with you without the interruptions of siblings. This will help each child to feel special and important. Try going for dessert after dinner, a walk, feeding animals or something special you like to do with that child to accomplish this.
  5. Sign up for things. Look for local day camps, activities at libraries, fire stations, police stations, parks, and recreation departments. Stop by your local community center to find things going on near you.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money this single parent summer, with a little planning and attention to detail you can have a smooth summer creating lifelong memories together – AND keep your sanity!


Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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