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A Little About Me…

I am so happy to connect with you and I am so glad you are here. The time for transformational healing is now and you have come to the right place! I fully believe that you found me for a reason, that coincidences are God’s way of staying anonymous, just as Einstein suggests. Which means, we are meant to connect with each other.

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Lindsey Kerns and I am a domestic violence survivor, a published author, a conscious trauma informed life coach, a mom, and a kind and caring conscious influencer.

I specialize in identifying unhealed trauma, healing and clearing unhealed trauma and post traumatic growth – I help my clients focus on healing and transforming their pain into purpose, breaking those barriers created by limiting beliefs that are defining you and helping you realize you can take that pain and transform it to lead a very connected, fulfilling life.

I fully believe that by combining one-on-one therapies, group healing, travel/retreats and conscious awareness of self your post traumatic growth will be a beautiful thing. True change for ourselves, our country and our world is going to come from within our homes, no where else. We have the power and ability to make our world incredible, we just need to tap into it and activate it.

The tricky thing about trauma is that trauma is absolutely unique unto each of us yet connected through feelings and actions. Unhealed traumas stay stored in our bodies wreaking all kinds of physical and emotional havoc until we face it, understand it and rewrite it. It is a beautifully hard process worth every bit of work.

I speak from experience on both sides of the coin. My own healing journey was long and labored, filled with so much learning and growth. I was the girl next door that everyone thought had it all going for her… but behind the closed doors, all was not what it seemed. I earned my BA in International Business with a minor in psychology and soon after got married (I was a third wife – red flag #1) we were together for over 10 years in a physically violent relationship that I thought I was hiding. My children and I got out of that to enter an emotionally violent relationship that would forever change my perspective, as traumatic experiences do. Suddenly I was a single parent at 42 years old, far away from her family and feeling completely isolated and having to face so many limiting beliefs that I had held on to it would make your head spin. A deep depression hit me hard and the suffering from CPTSD, battered women’s syndrome, depression, frustration, anxiety, constantly feeling stressed out began.

My life was a mess, I was sick and crying all the time, constantly feeling like a failure. I hit the bottom, emotionally, financially and physically. I was in weekly one-on-one therapy, making little to no progress. Until one day I could take it no more and I started googling. I found and entered a narcissistic abuse recovery 30-day program that changed everything for me. I couldn’t really afford it, but I knew I needed to invest in myself and I found a way.

I discovered how much healing there is in group therapy and how powerful investing in yourself really is. I was blown away by how much healing and progress can be made in a group setting. And suddenly all the puzzle pieces of my life experiences and traumas and unique gifts came together painting a picture of what my purpose is. Shortly after this, I discovered trauma informed life coaching and I knew my purpose here was to take all of the things I had suffered, learned, that had hurt and healed my life, and guide others in facing their unhealed traumas together.

“The softest hearts and kindest souls have gone through unspeakable hardships to be this way.” – Suhaib Rumi


It took years of trial and error, learning, growing, understanding, earning my trauma informed coaching certifications, building a successful practice yielding results, guiding clients one-on-one to their own healing.

My voice is loud in raising awareness for domestic violence. How it effects our children. The effects of all forms of trauma on our brains and bodies. How we can heal from that and how traveling and communicating will help. Trauma has been sadly misunderstood and more often than not, goes unhealed and untreated.

It’s time to take our powers back. It is time to heal, to transform, to claim all that is ours.

I want to do that together with you. So I have combined all of my research and experience to offer you a new 7-week program to heal unhealed trauma, connect with the true you while realizing your true purpose. In Treat Yourself Well – Consciously Awaken The True You we will unlock the unhealed trauma that has been holding your inner child hostage, clear those injustices and rewrite those limiting beliefs with the goal being to get you on a conscious path to success.

Healing is a spiral process filled with unexpected twists and turns. The secret to getting through it is being kind and understanding with yourself. There will be good days and bad days, both are ok and should be expected – together we can tackle them all. It helps to be among likeminded people while you are going through this, so I encourage you to reach out. You can find my first book here: Treat Yourself Well – 8 Steps To Conscious Living on Amazon to get started right now finding your conscious path to health and happiness.

You can also see all of the free tips and tricks I share here on Malibu Mama Loves™ to jump start your healing today. Click here to read more about unhealed trauma and how it may be affecting you.

I am here when you are ready for more Contact Me Here, we all are!


Malibu Mama Loves Xx