10 Conscious Travel Tips To Easily Ease Your Travel Anxiety

10 Conscious Travel Tips To Easily Ease Your Travel Anxiety

10 Conscious Travel Tips To Easily Ease Your Travel Anxiety

It’s no secret that we make our favorite and best ever memories when we travel. Whether it is someplace new or someplace tried and true, most of us love adventure and travel is the best way to get it!

For some getting there and back can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. With all of the negative craziness happening in the world, it is understandable that stepping out into it can be frightening, occasionally holding people back.

The good news is that there are some easy, excellent techniques that can be done to help ease travel anxiety, opening us up to all that life has to offer without fear.

10 Conscious Travel Tips To Easily Ease Your Travel Anxiety

  1. Identify. Take the time to explore what is causing your anxiety – is it the plane, is it small spaces, is it the unknown? Whatever it may be, identify it, be honest about it, research it. You are not alone, knowing this, there are ways to deal with your anxiety, you just first need to identify the root cause.
  2. Face your fears. Once you have identified it, you can face your fear head on and employ different tactics you found in your research to overcome them. You just have to choose to.
  3. Believe in yourself. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. The adventure that awaits, the growing you will do is so important, believe in yourself and give yourself the ability to overcome your fears, because you can do it.
  4. It’s ok to ask for help. Knowing when you need some help is a sign of strength and healing. Maybe talking to a doctor or counselor beforehand will help or reaching out to a flight attendant or person next to you for some help when en route, whatever it may be, it is ok to ask for and receive some help.
  5. Train your brain! Sounds silly, but you can control your thoughts. When you start thinking about something that gives you anxiety, force yourself to stop and be ready with something else to think about that gives you pleasure – your kids, your holiday, your new crush, whatever it may be. Train your brain to think about something that will keep you calm – remember, you control you! You can choose your thoughts.
  6. Find the truth. Research as much as you can about where you are going, what is there, a general map of the area, where the emergency buildings are and any local emergency numbers. Keep them handy to bring you peace of mind.
  7. Breathe. Studies show that a major contributor to anxiety is that when we become afraid we take shorter breathes giving our brains less oxygen per minute. If you take several deep, slow breathes, oxygenating your blood, your travel anxiety will immediately lessen while giving you the feeling of being more in control.  10 Conscious Travel Tips to easily ease your travel anxiety
  8. Visualize. Many studies show that simple visualization exercises will help to immediately alleviate stress and anxiety. So take a few minutes and visualize yourself on that beach, cocktail in hand, or skiing down that mountain. Wherever your adventure is taking you, picture yourself there and know that the journey is well worth it.
  9. Think positively. The power of positive thinking is endless, let it work wonders for your travel anxiety! Quick, think of 3 positive things about your trip right now! I bet it takes less than 30 seconds… 😉
  10. Appreciate. When you stop to appreciate how easy it really is for us to travel today compared to just 100 years ago (even just 50 years ago), how lucky we are to be able to go pretty much any place our heart desires, you focus less on the anxiety and more on how fortunate you are. You become grateful and the fears and anxiety begin to disappear.

What are your great tips on dealing with travel anxiety?

Cheers and safe travels!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx


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