10 Tips To Stay Consciously Calm During The Holidays

10 Tips To Stay Consciously Calm During The Holidays


Though the holidays are a magical, wonderous time of year filled with festivities and good cheer; they can also cause many of us incredible stress and anxiety too. Actually, it is reported that more than 64% of North Americans each year experience some form of stress, anxiety or just plain old holiday blues at some point during this magical season.

There can be so many reasons to NOT be consciously calm during this holiday season. Just the fact that there is less sunlight – meaning less vitamin D, for us during this time of year can bring on sadness and depression, as darker times do.

Add in that we eat heavier foods, exercise and sleep less and drink more sugary drinks during this time and we can be sure our bodies will be out of whack!

Then there are the pressures to be happy and perfect, the memories of what once was and those we have lost, the financial strain the holidays put on us and it can be a recipe for disaster… to say the least!!

So here are 10 tips that you can easily do to help yourself stay consciously calm this holiday season!

10 Tips To Stay Conscious Calm During The Holidays

  1. Adjust your mindset. Be realistic. Be ok with your situation. Be honest with yourself on what you can handle, what you expect and what you want to have happen. Embrace your flaws and focus on what you excel at.
  2. Be kind to yourself. Many of us are our own worst enemies, not realizing we could be choosing to be our own best cheerleaders instead. This year, choose to be kind and encourage yourself instead. Carve time out specially for you to do something you love doing.
  3. Check in with your body regularly. It is just a fact that we have less sunlight, eat heavier and excuse away our exercise with being too busy during the holidays. We all know this. So be mindful of it and plan to regularly check in with your body. Try setting a daily alarm reminder for you to take 15 minutes and think about how you are feeling, balancing anything you feel you need to.
  4. Volunteer! Even if it is just helping a neighbor or stranger with a grocery bag, even if it is buying the person behind you a drink, even if it is knitting a blanket for the homeless person on your street, even if it is spending a morning in the soup kitchen. Whatever you can, volunteering will help you feel connected and calm.
  5. Stop into a place of worship and sit for a few minutes. Take it all in. Appreciate. Even if it is not your denomination, being in a place of worship, feeling that energy, allowing your mind to think of all there is to appreciate will have a very calming effect.
  6. Grieve if you need to. It is a process, don’t fight it, be kind to yourself through it. It is ok.
  7. Forgive, let go. So hard, but truly when you realize that by not forgiving and letting go you are keeping yourself locked in your own prison, you then understand that forgiving is about your soul and no one else’s. Tis the season… as they say.
  8. Exercise – I know I invited you to check in with yourself earlier, but this deserves it’s own spot on the list. Even a 10-minute walk with oxygenate your blood allowing you to make better choices and remain calmer in harder situations.
  9. Smile – even if you have to force it. The simple act of smiling sparks the brain to produce more serotonin – the happy hormone giving us a calming effect. Plus it’s contagious!
  10. Reach out. Don’t go it alone. If you are feeling so blue and down, call a motivating friend, reach out to a life coach or therapist, call a hotline. Please, you are not alone and there is no reason to go through it alone.

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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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