14 Self Love Activities

14 Self Love Activities

Each day, so many of us parents focus on bringing balance to our families, making sure our partners and children and family and friends feel loved and appreciated in our own little ways. But how many of us remember to do that for ourselves?

It is so easy to neglect ourselves in our busy parenting schedules and hectic lives. And the truth is, being a parent is a mostly thankless job!! So it is important to take time to show ourselves some self love, reminding us just how important we are too.

Why is Self Love Important

Science with tons of research has shown us that if we show ourselves the same kindness we show to others, we would live healthier, happier lives.

Think about how you treat your best friend, or mate, or kids. You cheer them up when they are down, you surprise them with little things, you give great advice. Now think about how you treat yourself when you are down.

So let me ask you, why don’t you treat yourself as you treat others?

And now you realize just how important self love can be!

Check out 14 easy self love activities that have been around for ages, but somehow are getting lost in the mix. It’s time to get back to loving ourselves and not being afraid to show it!

14 Self Love Activities We Should Bring Back

  1. Accept yourself. This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Look in the mirror and acknowledge, appreciate all of the awesomeness that is you! Accept your flaws, appreciate your gifts and focus on what you do well that gives you pleasure.
  2. Talk to yourself. I know, sounds silly, but it works. Science has shown us that our brain reacts to verbal sound. It does not matter where that sound is coming from. So while you are standing in front of that mirror, talk to yourself in a positive, reaffirming way. Your brain will hear you, believe you and produce the happy hormone serotonin which will immediately lift your spirits. I like to start my morning by washing my face, I then look in the mirror and say ‘Good morning gorgeous. Today is going to be great because you deserve good things and good things are just about to happen.’ Try it, it is a great start to the day!
  3. Get your hair done. A little pampering is always a mood booster and gives our bodies the signal that it is important. Back in the day, people would get their hair done weekly, today there are all sorts of blow out bars so we can stop in, get a little pampering and feel gorgeous for the rest of the week! It is a nice treat.
  4. Cooking for pleasure. Food sustains us. There is no better way to show self love than by eating really well, and enjoying it. When was the last time you found a new healthy recipe, gathered the food, opened a nice bottle of wine and prepared a fantastic meal, just for the fun of it?
  5. 5-minute meditation. Taking 5 minutes out of your day to stop and think and just breathe can be a game changer, especially if you are having a stressful day.
  6. Take a bath. Draw a nice hot bath, add your favorite oils and salts and soak away! Give yourself a nice massage with your favorite lotion after to really show some self love.
  7. Remember you are not alone. When you feel down, like you have messed up everything, remember that you are not alone, that there are other people out there who have gone through the same thing and they survived, so will you. Because there is always tomorrow, and you are awesome, remember all of those cool things you can do?
  8. Choose a hobby. Find something you really enjoy doing and set time aside each day for that. Doing something creative that you enjoy helps you feel productive and proud.
  9. Go shopping. Taking a look around and finding things YOU like is a fun way to spend some time alone allowing yourself some self love time to appreciate your tastes and ideas.
  10. Make your bed every morning. Organization always makes us feel more secure. And who doesn’t love getting into a made bed every night?! So we should show some self love and make our sleep space welcoming for ourselves.
  11. Get outside for at least 30 minutes a day. The fresh air and exercise always makes one feel good and powerful.
  12. Take the time to sit and eat, not grab and go. Having at least one sit down meal a day to relax and enjoy peacefully gives our bodies the signal that it is very much cared for. Share the love and pin this: Conscious Living Self Love Activities
  13. Go for a ride. A car ride, a bike ride, a motorcycle ride, whatever you like. But check out the local scenery, appreciate the community that you are a part of.
  14. Travel! You knew this would be on my list, lol!! What better way to show self love than by treating yourself to an adventure! One that will make you smile forever!

How do you show self love?


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