5 Easy Things You Can Do Every Day To Be Healthier

5 Easy Things You Can Do Every Day To Be Healthier

easy things you can do every day to be healthier

We are all conscious of our health, in fact most of us are in pursuit of being at our healthiest every single day.

There are a few easy things we can be doing each day to be healthier that we often overlook.

5 Easy Things You Can Do Every Day To Be Healthier

  1. Drink warm water with a slice of lemon (or at least the water) each morning. Up to 60% of our body is water, and most of us don’t drink enough. Starting your day with some water will kickstart your digestion process and give you that extra boost we all need in the morning.
  2. Stretch more. A light stretch in the morning and before bed will help release pent up toxins, destress your body and keep it in line.
  3. Get outside into the sun for at least 15-30 minutes. Without the sun, there would be no life. So it makes sense that the sun can have an incredibly healing effect on us if we give it the chance. When you do this, try it barefoot, foot to earth. This is called grounding, the earth can pull most of the positive electrons (from all of the free radicals that have built up in our bodies) with it’s negative grounding charge. Try it, it does work and you will physically feel a difference after spending 15-30 minutes barefoot, outside in the sunshine.
  4. Plank for 1 minute. The plank exercise works to really build our core, an important part of being healthy. By doing the plank for 1 minute each day, you will support and strengthen your core which will in turn make you healthier all around.
  5. Put the phone down and read for a bit before bed. Electronics electrify us, reading calms us. By giving your eyes and brain a break from all of the electronics that have become the norm in society today, you are giving it the chance to recharge.

Our health should be one of the most important things to be conscious of. Without our health, we really have nothing.

What are a few easy things you like to do every day to be healthier?

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