5 Reasons To Plan A Disney Date Night

5 Reasons To Plan A Disney Date Night


I thought I was super cool coming up with a new thing last week creating a whole Disney Date night with my littles and The Secrets of Sulpher Springs… I talked about it all week getting excited for the next episode which aires on Disney Fridays at 8pm and is our Disney Date Night.

Until the 12-year-old informed me mid-week, Mom that is a real thing that one person will take the person they like for a surprise to Disneyworld on a Disney Date – a romantic one. So, he says, does that mean we are going to Disneyworld Friday and should I be doing that with my mom?!… Sarcastic guy!!! Hey, he is at that age, what did I expect lol?!!

Well, I answered him, that was pre-covid quarantine… (score for mama’s quick thinking!!) the NEW family Disney Date is all about gathering yummy foods and snuggling up together in the comfort of our living room to let Disney entertain us. Going to Disneyworld is an amazing experience, but so to is coming together to enjoy a Disney movie or special weekly show. Both generate memories you will hold onto forever, especially with a great mystery show like The Secrets of Sulpher Springs.

The conversation continued and I pointed out several reasons to plan a Disney Date night with your family that I want to share with you.

5 Reasons To Plan A Disney Date Night

  1. The Secrets of Sulpher Springs is new on Disney on Fridays at 8pm making the perfect number 1 reason to have a Disney Date Night!! We are so addicted, and it is such a fun mystery with time travel and action and so much suspense. The cliff hangers are great… they keep the conversation going all week making our Disney Date Night unforgettable AND something we look forward too. You can binge it on Disney+ to get caught up for this week’s new episode too, so you can be in on it from the start; make your first Disney Date Night a binge catch-up session!!
  2. It will strengthen your family bond. Having something to all look forward to together and to take part in creates a tight bond. Small, private jokes will develop, you will laugh, you will be curious together, you will feel closer together with a Disney Date Night!
  3. You will make lasting memories. Whether you try cooking together first, or ordering out or making special drinks and decorating, planning specific Disney Date Nights will quickly become nights you will cherish forever as these kids grow up too too fast.
  4. To have some fun! It is just a fun thing to do to plan an evening together. Whatever that looks like for your family, having a Disney Date Night will provide the environment you need to just have a plain old fashioned good time with the family.
  5. To connect with your kids. Disney provides some great shows that will really keep you interested and the kids interested creating a connection between you. A Disney Date Date is fun for all ages to enjoy together.


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