5 Tips on How To Get In Shape For Your Vacation

5 Tips on How To Get In Shape For Your Vacation

how to get in shape for your vacation

The vacation is booked! All of our plans to visit Fiji are confirmed, new bikinis have been ordered, spa appointments have been made, shopping trips planned, I thought I had it all scheduled.

And then I looked in the mirror… Oh why did I do that?

I realized that this mama’s body is not ready for the endless hours I plan to spend on the beach or poolside in my bikini.

Thankfully I have a little bit of time – about 4 weeks or so. And though I do agree that the best way to get in shape for your vacation is to stay in shape all year, clearly I have fallen off the wagon…!!!

My goal is to get my booty nice and firm and to tone overall so I am looking and feeling my absolute best. I have done it before and I know I can do it again, with the help of a few new tips…

5 Tips on How To Get In Shape For Your Vacation

#1 Tip How To Get In Shape For Your Vacation

Outline your plan, in writing. Putting things in writing helps us to stay on the path. So write down your goals, your plan and what you will do daily to reach your goal. Include food, exercise and meditation. Find a picture of your destination and use it as your wallpaper on your phone or computer to keep you excited about getting in shape. Be sure to attach this image it to your goals/plan to boost your mood!

#2 Tip How To Get In Shape For Your Vacation

Clean out your pantry! If you are anything like me, it is probably time anyway! Get rid of all nasty temptations and processed foods while making room and getting excited about eating lots of fruits and vegetables! Stock up on healthy snacks, like nuts and dried fruits. Veggies and hummus or guacamole dips are also fantastic snack options.

#3 Tip How To Get In Shape For Your Vacation

Join a gym or exercise program or create your own. You can join me in my 12 Weeks to a Flawless Fanny campaign, start here. I will be spending 30 minutes every other day doing these videos and 30 minutes every other day walking. Each night I also do a 15 minute yoga practice. Walking outside counts, swimming, treading water, tennis whatever it is that you like to do, challenge yourself and step it up a notch until your vacation.

#4 Tip How To Get In Shape For Your Vacation

Stop skipping breakfast and eat more! Yes, I said it!! Eating smaller portions more regularly throughout the day starting off with a good breakfast has proven to be the most efficient way to tone up and get in shape. Also be sure to drink at least 8 cups of filtered water a day. Water will help flush out the toxins in your body and does so much for us.

#5 Tip How To Get In Shape For Your Vacation

Try a new conscious skin care correcting product! Mother Nature is amazing and science is fascinating. Nerium combines them both to help correct all of our skin care ailments. Thanks to Teri Gray, a fabulous Nerium rep who is sponsoring me to try this, for the next several weeks I will be using Nerium Age-Defying Night Cream, Nerium Age-Defying Day Cream and Nerium Body Contour Cream to help me make sure all of the pesky wrinkles and cellulite bumps go away! I have never used it before and am excited to see my results – I will keep you posted!

Using these 5 tips and believing in myself, I know I will be ready for our vacation to Fiji, and I know you can do it to!

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Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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