5 Ways To Stay Organized & Ahead This Holiday Season

5 Ways To Stay Organized & Ahead This Holiday Season

5 Ways To Stay Organized & Ahead This Holiday Season

The holidays always seem to quickly creep up on us, don’t they?! As much as I love them and look forward to them, I could do without all of the stress that comes with them.

From planning to entertaining to gift buying to gift giving to travel planning to coordinating schedules, it can all be completely overwhelming. So I am constantly on the lookout for great conscious hacks that will de-stress and still dazzle my holiday season.

It is always important to remember and focus on the meaning of the season we are celebrating with our families. Being present for these moments and times is the best present we can ever receive. So here are my 5 tips to getting ahead and staying organized this holiday season that will help you stay sane and actually enjoy all of the magic this time of year brings!

5 Ways To Stay Organized & Ahead This Holiday Season

  1. Prioritize. There are so many holiday traditions and activities, one can’t possibly do them all. So take some time to sit with your family:
    1. List out the things you for sure can not miss.
    2. Schedule them out, pick times that work for entertaining or going to events.
    3. Do not forget to schedule some down time for everyone. The holidays are fast and furious and can exhaust us quickly. They will be enjoyed more if we are rested and get some down time, so be sure to schedule that in too!
    4. This is also a good time to talk about which parties you want to attend, and together come up with a polite way to decline invitations that you can not attend, so everyone is on the same page and prepared!
  2. Make Lists. Get your address list digitized so your holiday cards are easier to mail out, if you are entertaining, create lists of guests, supplies, food. List out the events you want to choose. I keep a notepad on the fridge for everyone to add to as they need to. But keeping everything in writing will help keep everyone calm, knowledge is power!
  3. Declutter & Donate. I love to play ‘keep it or chuck it’ with my children just before the holidays begin. We go through their toys and clothes, donate the things that can still be used and get rid of the rest, making space for all the new and giving things that are just sitting alone unused a new home. With all the gifts I know are coming, it keeps the stress levels down knowing that we have cleaned out space and given things to someone who will really appreciate them now. A win-win. But first, pin this! 5 Ways To Stay Organized & Ahead This Holiday Season
  4. Take charge of the gift giving! Start looking early! I look all year long if I’m honest, don’t tell my kids, but there is totally a huge stash in my closet!! Make a list of people you exchange gifts with and just be aware as you are out and about.
  5. Take care of yourself. Let go of perfection, just be perfectly you. Seriously, best way to be. If you put time and thought into it, no matter what it is, than that is perfect. Be kind to yourself, take at least 15 minutes a day to get some fresh air and just breathe and tell yourself – ‘I am doing a great job. I am an awesome I am lucky to have this amazing family around me and live in a time period that is so comfortable’.

Smile, you got this!

Cheers and celebrations!

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