6 Tips For Working With Difficult People

6 Tips For Working With Difficult People


We have talked before about understanding and communicating with difficult people; learning to work with them is just the next step. Knowing that 85% of our financial success is due to our personal skills, it is important to keep learning and understanding difficult people – because they are everywhere!!!

You can read here more about the science and genetics behind difficult people. In an effort to understand them which will allow us to successfully navigate a successful working relationship with them, today I want to share 5 tips for working with difficult people.

6 Tips For Working With Difficult People

  1. Keep your calm. Breathe! I say it all the time, when you are feeling like you are going to blow, stop, breathe, calm, think. Remember this difficult person is just trying to wind you up, so get ahead of it. Keep your calm, know you are really in control by not giving into their drama.
  2. Try to understand their intentions. Difficult people do not communicate well. So take a moment, when you are breathing to calm down and try to see through the negative way they communicate to what they are really saying.
  3. Focus on what action can be taken. Do your best to keep the conversation and your thought process to what actions can be taken in the NOW to create a positive solution. Keep the conversation focused to what can be done now as opposed to complaining about what went wrong.
  4. Talk to a trusted friend. Don’t keep it in. Seek advice and a reality check with a trusted friend who gives good advice. You don’t have to go it alone, maybe other coworkers are experiencing the same things and you can formulate a plan of positive action together.
  5. Calmly let the person know how you are feeling. If you feel comfortable enough and calm enough where you can say how their difficult behavior is affecting you, than communicate that to this person. Sometimes all we need is a little wake-up call and maybe a gentle reminder that their behavior is not ok will help.
  6. Don’t be reactive. No matter what, don’t give in and e reactive. This will just escalate the situation and be exactly what they want. Keep your calm. Be strong.

If all else fails, you can always discreetly talk to your supervisors and let them in on the situation, creating a plan together for working with difficult people. A little understanding sometimes can go a long way.


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