7 Reasons Why Multigenerational Family Travel Rocks!

7 Reasons Why Multigenerational Family Travel Rocks!

Multigenerational Family travel

I’ve been sharing a lot lately about our amazing trip to Visit Sarasota Florida. It was a multigenerational family travel vacation unlike one we had ever had before, so so good!

There are loads of reasons why this was such an awesome trip (the incredible activities and things to do in Sarasota, great weather, very cool people everywhere – Sarasota just has a fantastic vibe to it) but the main one, the really big reason why this was such a great trip is because it was a multigenerational family travel vacation.

What is Multigenerational Family Travel?

Multigenerational Family Travel is when you take a trip with more than just one other generation. Meaning kids, parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc… all traveling together.

Now, I could see you just shake your head thinking this chic is crazy!!

But I’m not, I may actually be on to something here… 😉

Believe it or not, there are a lot of perks to traveling with both your kids and parents in tow, especially if you are like me and place a huge level of importance on family travel.

7 Reasons Why Multigenerational Family Travel Rocks

  1. Grandparents are the best travel babysitters ever!! It is a wonderful, small luxury to be able to have some time off on a family vacation. Bringing your parents along on a trip gives you the ability to have a night off to check out the local nightlife! You may even get a few minutes in the morning or afternoon when they want to take the kids to the pool or do something special with just their grandchildren!
  2. Grandparents can help to divide and conquer. One kid needs a nap, one needs food and mama needs some peace… it happens… Having your parents there can help make logistics easier and managing the kids a breeze.
  3. A bond will grow. Watching a bond be built between your parents and your children is really something special. This is perhaps my favorite reason for multigenerational family travel. Because this type of travel offers a rare opportunity for grandparent and grandchild to experience something new and unique together, building a bridge between generations and forging a bond that will never be forgotten or replaced. This is invaluable, truly.
  4. Grandparents know when to slow down. I will admit, I like to think that we will do way more than we actually can do. Yes, I can be a bit of an over planner… as many of us can be. My parents are great at saying ‘enough for today, we are going to the pool for some down time’ and recognizing when the kids need to unwind and recharge too.
  5. The memories! Multigenerational Family Travel always leaves an impression on all of the travelers! Things that seemed an epic failure wind up as some of our favorite future travel stories to share and all of the epic win’s that happen are forever tattooed in our minds and will become our most precious memories.
  6. A great way for younger generations to learn about their family history. Travel always brings interesting stories and memories out as you bump into things outside of your ordinary. Our children get to hear and learn about past generations and where they come from in a natural way that fascinates them.
  7. It helps you appreciate life. Multigenerational family travel lets you see your entire family in a different, wanderful light, letting you appreciate each person for their strengths, bonding you together in a unique way and encouraging you to appreciate the life and the family that you do have.

multigenerational family travel

There is a lot of planning that goes into a multigenerational trip, check out my post on 5 Tips to Survive Multigenerational Travel, but it is all worthwhile. Because at the end of the trip, you will have brilliant memories, crazy fun stories, happy kids, happy parents and a bond that will keep you connected for a lifetime.

Sarasota Florida was the perfect place for a multigenerational family travel vacation because all of the activities available were just right for people of all ages allowing them to come together in a fun way. A special thanks to Visit Sarasota for sponsoring this post and helping us to have such an incredible vacation.

I can’t wait to bring everybody back!

Where is your next multigenerational family travel vacation going to be?

Cheers and safe travels!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx

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  1. Traveling with family seems like so much fun and a unique kind of experience. Thanks for sharing your story with us and inspiring!

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