7 Types Of Toxic Friends To Avoid

7 Types Of Toxic Friends To Avoid


You know the ones; the difficult people who seem to be everywhere – at work, in the store, at school, at home… And sometimes our friends are difficult too. For some, it can be really hard to avoid toxic friends.

Friendships are an important part of life – they motivate us, teach us, hold us, lift us up, but if you have the wrong type of people in your life, they can do the opposite instead. That is why choosing your friends wisely is so crucial. In an effort to be sure that those you hold closest to you are adding value to your life, not devaluing, here are 7 types of toxic friends to avoid.

7 Types Of Toxic Friends To Avoid

  1. The Negative Nellie – this one goes at the top of my list because it drives me the most nuts. The person who is constantly telling you nothing will work, that it is going to be a disaster, that everything is a mess, that everything is simply unfair in life. They are never satisfied with anything they have and have negative opinions on everything.
    1. Look for friends that are happy and positive instead, ones that motivate and excite you, not hurt and depress you.
  2. The Leech – this is the friend who always needs you to do everything for them and expects you to drop everything when they call. They drain as much of your energy and time as you allow.
    1. Set boundaries and look for friends who can respect them, making you feel secure and grounded.
  3. The User – also known as a fair-weather friend. This friend seems to be your best friend asking you to everything… until something better comes along and then they disappear. This friend is always looking to improve their social status or to find better romantic partners.
    1. Look for friends who are secure in who they are and stable within their lives. You deserve more than to be just a friend of convenience.
  4. The Critic – this friend is controlling, mean, and angry. They constantly make ‘jokes’ that are little jabs and digs trying to wind you up to get a reaction out of you. This is what makes them feel better – when they can pull your strings.
    1. You can confront them, but they won’t change. Try to keep friends that appreciate peace and encouragement.
  5. The Gossip – the one that always seems to be in the know. Careful… chances are they are gossiping about you too.
    1. Look for friends whom your secrets are safe with.
  6. The Drama Queen – also known as the energy vampires. They are completely self-absorbed with ‘major’ heartbreaks, disappointments, and sadness everyday. They get so wrapped up in their own lives, you become their problem solver and they barely even notice if you need anything at all.
    1. Good friends are always there for you when you need them, and notice when you are going through something.
  7. The Rebel – ok, they may be fun and exciting in the moment… but it always leads to trouble. And after a while, the instability and unpredictability can become draining. Avoiding toxic friends set on destroying their own life like this can help keep your life on track.
    1. Look for friends whom you can have fun with, without it becoming uncomfortable and life changing.

The company we keep can make or break us, set us on the path to conscious success or the path to devastation and nothing. All too often we are conditioned to think that we have to get along with everyone or feel guilty about it. But the truth is there are a lot of toxic people out there who do not deserve our friendship. So learning about toxic, difficult behavior will help you make an informed choice on who to hang out with and who to pass on!


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