8 Reasons to Book a Photo Shoot with Janet Barnett Lifestyles Photography

8 Reasons to Book a Photo Shoot with Janet Barnett Lifestyles Photography

Janet Barnett Lifestyle Photography

Remember my Behind The Scenes post? Janet Barnett Lifestyles Photography is responsible for giving me the confidence to share that. She also was the motivator behind my Out of the Darkness and Into the Light post. Janet is far more than just a lifestyle photographer.

She is a conscious human being who cares and has an incredible gift. But I’m getting ahead of myself here!

Janet Barnett has been a photographer for over 25 years here in the Southern California area. She works on celebrity shoots, high profile jobs and offers her services to her local community doing portraits and fun lifestyle shoots for moms and families. Not to mention all of the charity work she does. She fully believes that every woman should have a beautiful portrait of themselves, to be able to see themselves through someone else’s eyes to show them just how much beauty they do have.

A photoshoot with Janet Barnett Lifestyle Photography is so much more than a quick point and shoot session. Here is why you should call her today and schedule your photoshoot.

8 Reasons to Book a Photo Shoot with Janet Barnett Lifestyle Photography

  1. The consultation. Upon contacting her, she will take the time to listen to you, really hearing you, and come up with creative ways for you to express your inner gorgeousness. Janet takes the time to understand you. She is kind, caring and very experienced.
  2. The wardrobe. Janet will come to your closet or video chat with you, guiding you on what looks best. She will pair things from your closet with her studio wardrobe including incredible gowns, casual looks and some gorgeous jewelry. She is patient and helpful and will help you look like a rock star.
  3. The hair and makeup artist. Janet Barnett Lifestyle Photography works with some incredibly talented artists. It is included in the session price. You will have them there to bring your inner glam out with giving you a magnificent make-over and standing by for touch-ups throughout the session.  janet barnett lifestyle photography
  4. The session itself. Janet is seriously patient and is gifted at quickly figuring out our best angles and looks. She is so personable and friendly putting you completely at ease. Her studio is huge, well lit and filled with fun props. I was very comfortable there and she brought out the fun side of me that I haven’t felt in a while. We laughed, we shared, we created and we had fun. You will too.
  5. The feeling. During the photo shoot, the A team at Janet Barnett Lifestyle Photography will make you feel like a celebrity. They will fuss over you, serve you champagne and small bites, make you feel comfortable, helping you realize you are the biggest celebrity in your world, showing you just how beautiful and important you are.
  6. The reveal. After the shoot is over and she has processed the images, she has you back into her studio to do a reveal. This was so fun. I have never seen a spread of images of myself like she put out and it made me feel awesome. Seeing yourself through her eyes helps you realize how strong, beautiful and wonderful you are making you feel like a celebrated human. She then puts them in this smart keepsake box for you to treasure always and makes it easy for you to order as many prints as you would like.janet barnett lifestyle photography
  7. The confidence. Once you see yourself this way, your confidence jumps. Your belief in yourself soars. Your power to accomplish things you previously did not think you could grows in leaps and bounds.
  8. The appreciation. A photo shoot with Janet Barnett Lifestyle Photography will show you just how much you have to appreciate about yourself. As women, we can be really hard on how we look, often focusing on the negative aspects of ourselves. Janet focus’ you on all of the positive about yourself – because there is a lot to appreciate about ourselves. She is an expert at bringing out your best and letting you see just how wonderful you are – an invaluable gift from a photo shoot.

janet barnett lifestyle photography

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the best time ever to book a shoot. A portrait of yourself makes the best gift ever for your loved ones and for yourself.

You are worth it! I will be forever thankful to have had a session with her and will cherish the images she took of me forever.

So give her a call today, click here to contact Janet Barnett Lifestyle Photography now and go get your glam on!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx

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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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