A Common Sense Approach To Covid-19

A Common Sense Approach To Covid-19


A major transition is before us, it is official. The coronavirus outbreak has spread and is shutting life as we know it down.

As workplaces, schools and recreation spaces are being shut down, high-profile sporting events, concerts and shows are being cancelled our already struggling healthcare system is about to be put under even more pressure… people are scared. And everything needs to change.

This pandemic has dealt a blow to global businesses and families everywhere. People are stockpiling surgical masks, hand sanitizers and essential supplies while preparing to hunker down in solitude for the long haul.

This can create a lot of anxiety in people. This is why it is important to adopt a healthy, conscious mindset about Covid-19. Let’s break it down.

What is Covid-19?

Covid-19 is a virus from the family of coronavirusus which can cause respiratory infections in humans. (1) This new virus and disease Covid-19 was found first in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The main symptoms may include fever, dry couch and being overly tired.

About 80% of people can recover successfully from this. It is the 20% we need to protect and help. Considering we are far away from any viable vaccines, it is important to take precautions.

How Does Covid-19 Spread?

Covid-19 spreads from an infected person or animal to a healthy person through small droplets in the nose or mouth by coughing, sneezing or even speaking.

This can be majorly slowed down with a few simple common sense steps.


A Common Sense Approach To Covid-19

  1. DO NOT PANIC OR SPREAD FEAR. This will not help anything. We are in this situation so we need to be aware. There is noting to panic about, we can handle this. And hey, you found me! Together, we can get through anything!
  2. Social Distance yourself. Right now, it is best to stay home and focus on family matters! We all have plenty of things that need doing around the house and with the internet we can still stay connected to friends and the world. Think about creating a cohort with a few trusted friends so you will be less lonely. But take this time to clean your home, your mind and your habits!
  3. Wear a mask, wash your hands and follow the NHS guidelines found here. Especially if you or a loved one is immune compromised. These simple things could save their life – or someone else’s.
  4. Change your mindset. Create a special workflow at home, find new ways to exercise and find understanding in all that is going on. Find the good in this bad situation.
  5. Transform your family’s way of doing things. Work out loud, experiment with cooking or decorating or organizing, be brave and smile, because we will survive this.

You see, it is not so scary after all. I read a great meme last week that has totally stuck with me –

“Kinda feeling like the Earth just sent us all to our rooms to thing about what we have done.”

So true, isn’t it? When you stop and think about the path we had all been on, it becomes clearer that we all do need a change.

So let’s take a common sense approach to Covid-19 and see what we can make happen in this whole new world.

Cheers and safe social distancing.

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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