Best Fall Travel Shows on Netflix

Best Fall Travel Shows on Netflix

best fall travel shows on netflix

My kids and I are in a constant state of wanderlust. So anytime our TV gets turned on, a travel/food/documentary show inevitably gets our interest. There are some amazing travel shows out there right now!

Given that we primarily watch Netflix (I can’t take all of the commercials on regular cable anymore, plus we have totally become binge watchers, demanding the next episode straight away!!) I thought it would be fun to share our top 5 favorite travel shows streaming on Netflix right now.

Best Fall Travel Shows on Netflix

  1. Expedition Unknown starring Josh Gates. Such a cool season 1 hunting for treasure and investigating myths. The kids are fascinated by it, the scenery is breathtaking and each show is interesting on its own. This is a classic travel show premise and Josh Gates does not disappoint. Each week he is sent someplace new that has some historical or mythical link for him to figure out. Josh gets you laughing, learning and ready to pack your bags to have your own adventure!
  2. Human Planet starring John Hurt. This series explores 40 different countries that are not overly developed yet in a very conscious way. Not only do you see brilliant videography, but John points out how noteworthy humans have helped out along the way. This show gives a very positive viewpoint on how humans can work together with nature and that there is so much more to life than just material possessions. I love this one because my kids are visually stimulated while hearing positive messages about humankind and our planet.
  3. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown starring Anthony Bourdain. Take a deep look at the culture and history of each destination with Anthony as he takes you through the local version of each city asking tough questions and drawing interesting conclusions. This is a great show for us travelers who are stuck at home and want to live vicariously for a bit. The fast pace of the show keeps the kids involved and lets them see a different side of each location.
  4. Rock The Park starring Jack Steward and Colton Smith. A great show about 2 guys who explore all of our national parks and beyond. They have a great charisma together and keep the whole family interested as they wander around experiencing different parks. I love that they point out that you don’t have to break the banks or go far to really have an adventure. Family travel is for everyone and can be done on any budget, this show proves it! 😉
  5. The Wild Kratts starring the Kratt Brothers. This is part live and part cartoon. I am including it because the brothers do a great job of investigating animals for all over the world. They do a live introduction on location with the animal, then suggest What If and it becomes a cartoon where they live and help that animal. It is interesting even to us adults and a great show to get the kids hooked on! It is fun to check out animals that are local to where you are visiting and what better motivation than learning about a new animal to inspire your next trip location?!

I am so thankful that TV and the internet are around to so we can explore places that we have yet to go to. There is so much to learn. We are so fortunate to live in an age where this is possible.

What travel shows on Netflix do you like right now?

Happy thoughts and safe travels!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx



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