Calling All Coaches – Moving The Human Spirit Part 1

Calling All Coaches – Moving The Human Spirit Part 1


A couple of weeks ago I began the Trauma Informed Coaching Basics course with Moving The Human Spirit. It has been such an incredible, transformative experience, I have to share some of it with you!

When I first agreed to take this course, I was really nervous. I already had very little time and I did not think I would be able to keep up juggling roles. Not to mention it had been years since I had done any official schooling, which was daunting.

As I have traveled on my own healing journey and have been blessed to coach many on theirs, I have come to see how big a part trauma plays in each of our lives. How it can stay tucked into the back of our minds causing poor decisions and behaviors that often we are not even aware of. And science is only just starting to understand the impacts of trauma, of PTSD, of complex PTSD. The more I learn, the more fascinated I become.

So when the opportunity came to study with the only ICF accredited trauma informed coaching school in the world… I jumped on it. The founders of this program have been forefront in trauma healing for over 20 years now and know what they are talking about. My intention word for 2021 is to communicate and today I want to share with you what a great experience I am having learning, growing, evolving with

Trauma Informed Coaching Basics Course Midway Experience Moving The Human Spirit

This course began on January 8, 2021, a chilly Friday morning here in SoCal! (Psst – the next one starts either one day a week on February 17, 2021 or 2 days a week on April 6, 2021 click here for more info).

Two days prior I had received a welcome email from the teacher with the course handbook, links to slides for the first class and the necessary zoom links and instructions. I have used zoom, but not a lot. So I found these instructions really useful.

The 8th finally rolled around and I excitedly got my children off to school, got the fire lit, made a nice cup of tea and signed on for my first zoom course!! I had wanted to create a nice cozy environment for myself to feel comfortable to really learn all of the info I was sure was coming my way. I fired up the zoom.

Up pops Nathalie, our course instructor, with the biggest smile and welcome. Andrea, our course moderator kindly introduces herself as well. They are so friendly and warm I was immediately put at ease and thrilled to find out we had a big class of nearly 20 with people signing in from all over the world – Scotland, England, The UAE, Canada, all over the US and more.

Before we got into introductions, Nathalie took the time to explain zoom and go over all of the buttons and options. I did find this super helpful, as I think many of my classmates did too. She was patient, we were all able to ask our questions and she explained everything really well.

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At this point I knew I was in the right place and all my fears went away. I knew I could handle this just as I knew that this was an awesome class. We spent the rest of the time with introductions. Nathalie has been in the coaching industry for more than 20 years now, gathering experiences in a number of different niches within coaching. She is calm, smart, funny and caring. I would come to find her taking time for each and every one of us to make sure we had a full understanding of the concepts.

The discussion after was interesting on what each of our perceptions of trauma and trauma coaching was and the differences in coaching vs therapy. It was fascinating hearing people from other countries talk about how one can get help there, knowing the process many go through here in the states.

My favorite Ah ha moments of this class came from both the course instructor and moderator sharing one of her favorite quotes. Trauma is unintegrated resources waiting to be transformed. Pair this with Nathalie starting the course off saying we are whole and resourceful, not broken and needing fixing. She discussed coaching as an opportunity to help people understand, see and act upon that they are whole and resourceful on their own.

I thought this was so beautiful and on point. This was not overwhelming at all. The learning process seems to flow naturally. The following Tuesday course we began to jump right into the nitty gritty. They record the class and send it out privately for you to review everything, the homework is completely doable and everything is really well outlined and explained. We have lectures with worksheets, group discussions, and break out training coaching sessions.

I am learning so many valuable lessons here. I’m seeing healing take place right along side of learning. This course makes it easy, fun and exciting to shift your mindset and transform your practice.

Calling All Coaches

Trauma effects the vast majority of us. As coaches it is important to stay informed and continually challenge ourselves to learn and grow. Check this unique course out with Moving The Human Spirit at and get involved today! Everyone in your world will be so glad you did!


Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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