Why I Chose Approved Carpet Care – A Review

Why I Chose Approved Carpet Care – A Review

approved carpet care

There are several options for carpet cleaners in the Malibu, Thousand Oaks area, but there really is only one good choice.

I discovered this recently when I was moving and needed to have my carpets cleaned. As I began my research into professional carpet cleaning, I was surprised at what I learned – check out 6 reasons to have your carpet professionally cleaned – and I was overwhelmed by finding a good, quality carpet cleaner who could get the job done.

Full disclosure – my carpets were in terrible shape and I knew I needed someone who could handle the job.

Here are the things that I looked for in a professional carpet cleaning company –

  • Are they certified, licensed and insured?
  • Are there any reviews on them?
  • Do I know anyone who has used them?
  • How many reviews are there?
  • How long do they take to get back to my inquiry?
  • Do they take the time to explain the process to me?
  • Can they answer my questions?

After reviewing many companies, Approved Carpet Care met every single requirement and I decided to go with them.

About Approved Carpet Care

Approved Carpet Care is a family-owned business. The owner has been cleaning carpets since the mid 90’s and really knows what he is doing. His name is David and he is very friendly, very well-educated and does a very great job.

David uses a truck mounted hot water extraction unit which studies have shown is the most effective way to clean a carpet. Not only does the high level of heat completely sanitize and clean the rug, but all of the pollutants removed from the carpet get taken completely away from the property and consciously disposed of by the team at Approved Carpet Care. Thus providing a deep level of clean for your home you simply cannot get on your own.

My Approved Carpet Care Experience

I went to their website and within 30 minutes of me submitting a request here, I received an email back from the owner who then got on the phone with me and took the time to answer all of my questions and to explain the process to me.

David was very kind and knew everything there was to know on carpets. I was completely impressed with him and knew, if anyone could, he would be able to bring back my very dirty carpets so I booked it with him right then.

I received a confirmation text message from the company which allowed me to easily add it to my calendar. This was very convenient and I really appreciated it.

The morning of the carpet cleaning, they arrived on time. David was pleasant, cheerful and courteous. He and his team got right to work. It seemed like there was a lot of equipment, but they were so quick with moving it and getting the job done that nothing seemed in the way!

approved carpet care

First they vacuumed, then David went around and checked each stain to decide what type of solution to pour on it to get it out. I was fascinated at how he knew what each stain was and what to spray on it to get it out. Here are a few before and afters, stains that I can’t believe he got out:

approved carpet care











approved carpet care










approved carpet care









After spraying each spot, he hooked up the big hoses and began the extraction. You would not believe what came out… and thankfully it went right into the truck to be removed!!




approved carpet care



The whole process took about 3 hours and when he was done the carpeting looked like it was brand new – as you can see above!

And it felt so fresh and clean in the house, it really was awesome.

I highly recommend Approved Carpet Care. They are a fair, family-owned company that really can get the job done, my carpets and experience are proof of that!

The bonus is that they guarantee their work. If a stain comes back, so does Approved Carpet Care and they will fix it!

You can get a quote or contact them here and get started to a cleaner, easier to breath in, conscious home today, just like I did! 😉

Malibu Mama Loves Xx




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