Conscious Parenting: Best Conscious Board Game – A Silly Street Review

Conscious Parenting: Best Conscious Board Game – A Silly Street Review

Conscious Parenting: Best Conscious Board Game A Silly Street Review

If you haven’t heard of the conscious board game Silly Street yet, you are going to love this post!

Remember the other day when we were talking about how much is too much screen time and the damage the screen does to our children’s developing cognitive thinking? Well, today I’m going to share with you a GREAT alternative to watching tv or playing video games that ALSO encourages learning, cognitive development AND a good time for all ages.

This is high on our boredom bucket list and something that I even enjoy playing with the kids!

Silly Street is a conscious board game that was created by two mothers who thought the world needed a little bit more conscious play time and got to work creating this super fun game. Using their own children in an effort to bring more playtime to a world that is slowly decreasing our children’s playtime they came up with Silly Street (I love the name!). They focus on Character Building – this game teaches children confidence, curiosity, empathy, creativity, and gives them some grit while keeping everyone laughing and entertained.

How Do You Play Silly Street

It is fun right from the beginning! The colorful board is made up of giant puzzle pieces so the fun begins as soon as you open the box.

Everyone picks a token, places it at the start and the youngest player draws a card first. They have to preform the action on the card in order to move forward. It can be anything from interacting with another player (having to make up a thoughtful poem about them) to acting out a situation and what they would do to inventing silly stories to identifying hidden objects on the board to silly animal moves. Anything can happen and it is loads of fun.

The first player to the end wins. But it is the journey that is the best part. There is so much laughing and learning that takes place. Not to mention that family bonding.

This has become one of our favorite games. What I love is that my kids will now ask to play this before asking for a show or a video game!! They have so much fun playing it and I love knowing that they are doing something healthy, fun, conscious and productive!

This is the perfect game for your next family game night. You can order yours here on Amazon and if you have Amazon Prime it will arrive very quickly! We love this game and hope you do to!

Tell us about your experience with it in the comments!

Cheers and happy gaming!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx

Special thanks to Wannaple for sending us this fun board game to play and sponsoring this post! 

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