How to Deal with Traveling Stress

How to Deal with Traveling Stress

deal with traveling stress

As fun and amazing as traveling can be, stress can also play a big part. Whether you are traveling for work, holiday or to visit loved ones, there are some very simple steps you can take to minimize your traveling stress.

1st Tip on How to Deal with Traveling Stress

Check out vacation package options. There are packages available with everything from flight, car rental, food, hotel and excursions all included. All you have to do is pack your things and show up on time!! Pretty stress-free and often times you will save some money doing it this way. By knowing everything is taken care of ahead of time, you will be able to relax and enjoy the ride even more.

2nd Tip on How to Deal with Traveling Stress

Pack your favorite calming essential oils. Oils have been shown to reduce your stress. A great travel tip is to put some of your carrier oil in a bag with a few tissues, add a few drops of your essential oil and wa-laa – you have new cleaning towelettes, great for cleaning your seat, face and neck – awesome for kids too! This also works with cotton balls and fits easily into your purse or carry-on for instant relief. #Familytravel

3rd Tip on How to Deal with Traveling Stress

Learn some breathing techniques. We take smaller, shorter breathes when we are experiencing stress and anxiety. By taking control of your breathe – taking deeper, slower breathes – we can alleviate most of the symptoms of stress right then and there, regaining our control!

4th Tip on How to Deal with Traveling Stress

Leave with plenty of time. This is something that I always struggle with, I am chronically late and this is always my most stressful moment, thinking I am going to miss my ride!! Plan plenty of time for traffic, to forget things, for bathroom runs… factor it all in!

5th Tip on How to Deal with Traveling Stress

Store all pertinent information in the clouds. Things like photos of your passports, travel information and contact phone numbers/addresses, doctor information, photo of your license and the front and back of your credit card. If you keep all important information in the clouds you will be able to get at it from anywhere, in any emergency. One less thing to worry about!

6th Tip on How to Deal with Traveling Stress

Plan! If you are not doing a package deal, check out the area before you go and plan a few activities. Be sure not to over-plan and to leave time for the unexpected – like a really fun afternoon by the pool with cocktails! When traveling with the kids I have found it best to have an activity in morning and then pool or beach in the afternoon depending on where we are traveling to. Also be sure to research the local food so you will have some idea on where to eat, find places that are close to the activity you have planned. Having an outline/plan for the trip will help you reduce some stress.

7th Tip on How to Deal with Traveling Stress

It is Safe in the Safe!! Be sure to use the hotel safe for passports, jewelry, cash/credit cards. When your things are safely locked away, they will be one less thing to worry about.

8th Tip on How to Deal with Traveling Stress

Expect the unexpected! Something is going to go wrong. Be flexible and get over it quickly, chances are it will make for a great story in 5 years! There are many reasons why you should travel, especially with your children that when something goes wrong, keep an open mind and look for the good experience that will inevitably come out of it!

Breathe, have a drink and travel on!

What are your great tips on How to Deal with Traveling Stress?

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