Distinguished Speakers LA

Distinguished Speakers LA

distinguished speakers la

For over 20 years The Distinguished Speakers LA series of 6 speakers yearly has been sparking fascinating conversations, offering patrons a unique way to grow as a person and bond as a community.

Founding co-owner Kathy Winterhalder went on a trip to visit her family in San Francisco years ago that would changer her life, and that of many other people. On that trip, her parents took her to a lecture that was part of a series in San Francisco at the time. Kathy had such a fantastic time that she thought, LA needs something like this.

Upon her return home, she set about creating this company with her sister and 20 years later, most of their season passes are sold out in 4 locations, their theaters are full and their guest list – top notch.

What is the Distinguished Speakers LA Series

As described here on Speakersla.com

The Distinguished Speakers LA Series was created to meet the important needs of the community – to educate, enlighten and inform.

Through a subscription series of speakers, the audience is exposed to the thoughts and insights of some of the greatest thought leaders of our time. Our distinguished speakers share with the audience their unique experiences and perspectives on a wide variety of topics – from world affairs & politics, to history & the environment, to books & authors, to business & economics, to the Arts & entertainment.  The Series consists of six evenings beginning in October and concluding in May.’

They began in a theater in Pasadena, then opened a second in Redondo Beach, a third in Thousand Oaks and recently a fourth in Beverly Hills. The Distinguished Speakers LA Series is proudly giving every person the access to hear these brilliant people speak and it is an amazing opportunity.

This season just finished with an outstanding lecture from Martha Stewart, in which I learned quite a few interesting things I never knew, plus I picked up a few helpful business tips… 😉 (Thanks Martha, you are amazing!).

What I noticed when I attended the event was that it was a very mixed crowd. This is really a stimulating series for all ages, from high school age to parents to retired folk –  everyone was excitedly chatting both before and after. Not only were we excited to hear what this incredible person had to say, but there were so many great take-aways that everyone had plenty to discuss after.

Personally, I was so happy to hear Martha Stewart spreading the word about awful factory farms. I didn’t know there were coalitions in place to fight this and I have since gotten involved in one. It was also great to hear her encourage everyone to visit a National Park this year, she showed some pictures of Yosemite National Park and I had just been there for my first time.

Psss – It is our National Park’s 100th birthday this year – find out about the celebration at your nearest National Park here and join in the fun.

All in all, the Distinguished Speakers LA Series is a great season pass to have. This would be a fantastic idea for a Mom’s or Dad’s night out, date night or even to bring my parents to for something a little different.  By buying a couple of season passes you could invite different people every time!

You can find the 2016/2017 schedule here it begins in October with General David Petraeus. Once you’ve had a look at the schedule, you will want to grab your season passes now while you still can here!

Who are you looking forward to hearing at Distinguished Speakers LA?

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