Feeling Beautiful, 5 Easy Ways To Feel It Now!

Feeling Beautiful, 5 Easy Ways To Feel It Now!


Everybody likes to feel beautiful and attractive – men and women alike. Sometimes we feel like rock stars… and sometimes we don’t. Everybody experiences slumps where we just aren’t feeling it.

It is completely normal.

The exciting news is that there are several small things we can do for ourselves to change our perception of ourselves in that moment. Because it does come down to our perceptions of ourselves, we can be our own worst enemy or our own bestest friend. By making a conscious choice to love ourselves and see ourselves as beautiful creatures, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to happily succeed.

Check out these 5 easy ways to get you feeling beautiful right now!

  1. Talk to yourself! I encourage my clients and readers to talk to themselves regularly, just like I do! Life can be thankless at times bringing us down. Looking yourself in the mirror, saying words of love, reassurance and inspiration can change your attitude, your perception and your entire day! After doing so for a week, you will feel like you can take on the world. Hearing positive words of affirmation out loud, even if it is you saying them, helps the brain to produce more of the ever important happy hormone we all want more of, it has been scientifically proven and it does work – I am living proof of that!
  2. Treat yourself to a little something! Everyone has something that they love and is a treat. For me it is jewelry. When I am feeling down, I like to buy something a little sparkly to cheer me up. Recently I was contacted by Boutiqulovin to review some of their jewelry. They sent me these fun new tassle earrings that are so great.  feeling beautiful They arrived quickly, looked exactly like the picture on Amazon and were just the thing to boost my spirits as the seasons are changing and I am getting back into a regular work schedule with the kids back in school. I love them – you can get a pair (or just do some shopping!!) here on Amazon. Not only are they a fun, trendy accessory that adds a bit of glam to an outfit, but they are handmade with love – which makes them that much better!  feeling beautiful
  3. Stand tall! Sounds simple, but it is important. Your brain is constantly checking in with your body. When you are hunched over, you are communicating to your body and everyone around you that you are not feeling great. Standing tall tells your body you feel strong, you matter. Not to mention you look taller, slimmer and more in control when your shoulders are back and your chest is open.
  4. Think about your favorite part of your body. When you are not feeling beautiful, you focus on the things on your body you do not like. Instead, try finding what it is you do like on your body and focusing on that. This will activate your brain’s reward system lifting up your whole mood!
  5. Smile more! Smiling is contagious. Also, the simple act of smiling has been proven to induce your body to produce more serotonin, naturally making you feel more beautiful and happy!

A special thanks to Boutiquelovin for sponsoring this post. You can check out their awesome, handmade jewelry here on Amazon.

Now it is your turn to share! Comment with your favorite way to go from feeling blue to feeling beautiful!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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