Halloween Trick Or Treat Clue Hunt

Halloween Trick Or Treat Clue Hunt


The Covid Quarantine has changed everything. If your kids are like mine, than trick or treating has suddenly become not so exciting…

I don’t want this fun tradition to disappear though, as many of us parents don’t. It just needs to look a little different this year!

Instead of trick or treating, I printed out a fun neighborhood scavenger hunt, took out a $20 bill and gave them 45 minutes to complete it. I found the scavenger hunt by googling halloween scavenger hunt then picking one that worked best for our neighborhood. I easily changed one or two things to fit and whala! A fun scavenger hunt competition is on!

But this doesn’t include getting the treats. And let’s be honest, I love the treats more than anyone because they disappear at night after the children go to bed. You know, because I wouldn’t want my children to have to eat that junk…!!!

So I devised a 17 step clue hunt for the kids and hid treats with each one. Our new way of trick or treating! My kids are middle school age and love when I plan these hunts for them. This one is age appropriate for 9-13 year olds and should take about 25 minutes to complete.

If you are scrambling for a fun idea for Halloween that is totally socially distanced and still exciting, simply get some notecards and feel free to use, tweak or print out the following steps. I put each card in a plastic baggie with treats in it. They will have to go from step to step with a bag to collect them, just like going from house to house.


This is the starting letter to get them excited and going, the steps follow! Good luck!

It is Halloween –

One of those nights

Where we turn out the lights

And give each other frights

Eating lots of treats

Until our faces turn green!!!


This year is different

And that is ok.

We still can trick or treat,

Just in a different way.


So go get your candy bag,

Its time to get going

The crows are all crowing

The ghosts are all groaning

And there are treats everywhere to snag!


Be ware on your hallowed journey this year,

Nothing is as it seems,

Look past your fear

And into your dreams.


Have confidence,

Be smart,

Follow the clues,

Now it is time to start!


Your First Clue:

It is fun to dress up for Halloween,

But something has gotten into

The place where your clothes get clean…

Better hurry and take care,

Gloves on before you stick your hand in there…!!!


Clue Two (taped to the bottom of the washing machine filled with soapy water and bathing suits in it to feel slimy in a plastic waterproof bag with a few treats in it)

Out in the dark and under a tree,

Look for a witch’s stew to brew,

Don’t be afraid of all of the guts and goo,

For in that stew is your next clue.


Clue Three (floating in stew in waterproof bag with a few treats in it, candles all around)

They say that ghosts come out this night,

But do not be overcome with fright.

A ghost hangs somewhere near

And your next clue is hidden there.


Clue Four (in bag with a few treats inside a ghost decoration)

Orange carved faces light up the night

Their eerie faces shine bright

Some happy, some give a fright.

These faces are holding your next clue,

I hope they don’t bite!!!


Clue 5 (in bag behind carved pumpkins with treats)

You are doing great,

You are on a roll!

Now find your next treats,

Your clue will be there too,

In our candy bowl.


Clue 6 (in bag with treats taped underneath our candy bowl outside for trick or treaters)

Halloween night can be scary,

But it doesn’t have to be.

You will find your next clue & treats,

Where things get planted and grow.


Clue 7 (in bag with treats in back garden)

Now it is time to go back inside,

Because it is getting cold.

Once back in, look around

For how Mom’s tv is controlled!


Clue 8 (in bag with treats under Mom’s remote in her room)

Are you having fun?

See Life can be normal.

Halloween is full of treats,

Next go to where we love to bake lots of sweets!


Clue 9 (in bag with treats in the oven where I will be waiting with a blindfold and will guide them to the next)

This one will be gross,

There is an emergency –

A guest has exploded in the bathroom,

There are no gloves, you will need a blindfold

And a guide

You have to be brave,

Keep your eyes closed,

Push your hands to the bottom of the sink,

Don’t worry… it won’t be what you think!!

If you face your fear,

There will be treats and a clue.

Because I know you know,

Just what to do.


Clue 10 (in a waterproof bag in bottom of sink filled with oily olives and jello with treats)

Trick or Treat!!!

Now it is time for a thrill!

To get more goodies,

Head out to the grill!


Clue 11 (in bag with treats in grill)

For the next clue,

Into the house

You will want to rush!

To find some more treats

Go look where every night you brush.


Clue 12 (in bag with treats behind their toothbrushes)

See that fun costume in the mirror?

You know it is not all just for looks,

For your next clue and some more treats,

Go see where we keep the books.


Clue 13 (in bag with treats on our bookshelves)

Isn’t this great?

A few tricks, lots of treats

I really think this new life is fate.

Your next clue is where your clothes are hanging,

Don’t be afraid of that banging…


Clue 14 (in bag with treats in their closets)

There is one lesson to learn,

And more candy to earn.

You must beware of the undead,

When you find a clue under Mom’s bed.


Clue 15 (in bag with treats under mom’s bed)

I’m wondering, do you know

Witches have a crooked nose?

Go look where she would keep her shoes

To find some treats and some clues!


Clue 16 (in a bag with treats by the front door shoe rack)

You have come so far

I am so proud of you

You have really raised the bar

And have earned lots of treats too!


There is just one more treat to find,

I know is sure to put a Halloween smile on your face!

Go look in the seat,

Where you like to eat,

And know in my heart you are first place!


Final Note – (Attached to big treat at our dining room table)

I know this year is different,

Life will always be changing.

Today you faced ghosts, goblins and witches,

You made it through with smiles and no stiches!


Remember the laughs,

Enjoy the treats

Know change is good

And you can accomplish anything

Because YOU knew YOU could!

Happy Halloween!!!

Cheers and Happy Hunting!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx



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