How to Naturally Treat a Bee Sting

How to Naturally Treat a Bee Sting

how to naturally treat a bee sting

Bees are a vital to our earth and offer many health benefits to us. Not only do they keep Mother Nature balanced and working, but they produce honey that keeps us healthy!

So it is important to learn how to get along with them. Live and let live is the conscious living way, however sometimes we can collide. And when that happens, there are usually tears and pain involved!

There are so many myths as to what really works. By this point in my life I have tried many, many different remedies for bee stings. But it was from a stranger on the beach in Malibu who shared with me the most effective way I have ever seen to treat a bee sting.

Unfortunately for my child, we had the chance to try it out later that week! How fortunate though, that we had run into this person because what she had shared with me, I tried and was amazed at how well it worked.

The Bee Sting Situation:

Malibu Pipi got stung by a bee while at school during the last week. I came to pick her up and her poor little finger had swollen so big. She would not let anyone look at it and the stinger was stuck in there. I could clearly see the stinger still in. She refused to let me touch the bee sting and I remember the new ‘potion’ requiring 2 regular household ingredients we had just learned about and thought this was a great chance to try it!

how to naturally treat a bee sting

The Bee Sting Solution:

All you need is baking soda and water!! I mixed about a tsp of baking soda with a couple of drops of water to make it really pasty.

I put a thick layer covering the bee sting and surrounding areas. Then I put on a show, gave her a treat and waited with her for the baking soda mixture to dry. The mixture was on for about 15 – 20 minutes.

how to naturally treat a bee sting

The Bee Sting Solution Result:

Once completely dry, we peeled off the layer of baking soda. I was shocked to see the baking soda had worked magic! The stinger was out, the swelling was down (just in that short amount of time) and her pain was gone!!!

how to naturally treat a bee sting

Crazy, but true.

Travel Tip: Baking soda can be one of your best friends when traveling. Not only because it absorbs odors but also because it is a natural remedy for so many things! Keep a small container of this in your toiletries bag to be ready for anything!

Summer is here and I bet we will be having a few more bee stings before school returns, as I am sure you will too so I had to share this conscious living, natural bee sting remedy with you!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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