9 Tips To Healthier Self-Confidence

9 Tips To Healthier Self-Confidence


9 tips to healthier self-confidence
Self-confidence plays an essential role in every facet of our lives, yet so many people struggle to master it.

From finding your place in gym class or math to your first date, first interview, first disagreement with your co-worker, boss, child or spouse, or learning to ride a bicycle, self-confidence is important to surviving all of these tasks.

But here is what we do not realize. We put so much faith and stock in what other people think that we forget our self-confidence really is up to us!

It is in our perception that our self-confidence lies. It is how we choose to view the world around us.

Whether you are a child struggling to fit in, an adult totally afraid to go on a new interview or facing a life change, or self-confidence is something you have always struggled with I have some tips to help you raise your self-confidence today.

9 Tips to Healthier Self-Confidence

1. “Dress for Success”! There is a reason this age-old saying has survived. Taking the time to wear something nice, brushing/styling your hair, choosing a special piece of jewelry all makes you feel much better than if you roll out of bed, throw on some sweats and stroll off to work/school. You are worth the extra 5 minutes it takes to show yourself some love!

2. Stand Up Straight and Smile More. Posture is important and standing tall lets everyone else know you are in charge! Shoulders back, boobs out (boys too!!), smile on!! This will naturally boost your self-confidence.

3. Slow Down and Breathe! Your voice tends to go up a few octaves when you get nervous in a stressful situation and you will speak faster than you realize. Try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth very slowly for 4 breaths. This will oxygenate your blood to help you relax a little. Then be conscious of your speech and make every effort to speak slower, it will appear that you are completely relaxed!

4. Change Your Perception. Start to look at situations not as a chance to fail but an opportunity to learn. Be open and willing to make mistakes and know that whatever comes your way – YOU CAN HANDLE IT. This is the biggest secret to being self-confident: KNOWING YOU CAN HANDLE WHATEVER LIFE THROWS AT YOU and IT IS OKAY TO MAKE A MISTAKE. If you look at each new experience with curiosity and a sense of fun, your self-confidence will come flowing out.

5. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses. Truly get to know what your gifts/strengths are and focus on those. Remember, we can not all be good at everything. Find your strengths and accept your weaknesses.

6. Plan for Success! It may seem strange to suggest this, but don’t we do the opposite all the time? We go into situations planning for the worst to happen. So why not start going into situations planning for the best to happen?

7. Stare them down! Look people straight in the eye and do NOT be the first to look away! You will start to see how quickly others do look away and you will realize that no one actually knows what they are doing! We are all just trying different things. Some work, some don’t! This should help you trust yourself while building your self-confidence.

8. Learn to Receive Praise. When someone offers you a compliment, it is ok to respond with a ‘thank you’ or ‘how kind of you to say’.

9. Appreciate and Be Grateful. Over-confidence, arrogance, is not cool. By appreciating what you already have and being grateful, you will balance out your self-confidence. As wonderful as it feels to receive praise, it feels even better to give praise. Try it!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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