How to Inspire Your Spouse to Travel

How to Inspire Your Spouse to Travel

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It is no big secret that I think family travel is what keeps us on the conscious living path. Family travel keeps us excited, alert, and ready for adventure. It helps us find answers and opens our minds to endless possibilities.

However, as time passes and life becomes more complicated, it is easy for one parent to start making excuses to stay in town. This happens periodically in our house. It is in these times that I have to step up my game and really motivate my spouse to come explore the unknown with us.

Here is how I do it.

How to Inspire Your Spouse to Travel

Find a great documentary on the place you wish to visit and casually put it on! We love documentaries in our house, especially ones on foreign places. At this point in time, there are documentaries on so many locations that I can always find one for where we will be visiting. Once the littles are in bed, I ask him if he wants to pick and watch a show with me. When we are seated, we will either jump on Amazon or Netflix and I guide us to the documentary section. I pretend to find what I already know is there and proceed to get him hooked with the exhilaration of the film! This is a great way to inspire your spouse to travel for an upcoming family trip or even to just get one booked.

Cook a meal using the local recipes of the location you wish to visit. Put the littles to bed, play the appropriate music to go with the food, pour the right glass of wine and dream away together of what it would be like to eat this food in the place of its origin. This will inspire your spouse to travel more while giving you both a little date-night – a win/win!! πŸ˜‰

Send them emails with incredible pictures of the location. Check out your favorite family travel websites, find their posts on your upcoming destination and email them to your spouse to help build excitement. Their posts will show that real people go there and have a spectacular time, just like you all can!

Talk about it – a lot. Bring it up every time you can, work it however you need too! I even will ask friends if they have been to our future destination while we are all together!

Make a deal! I love this one because I will get two trips out of one!! If I want to go someplace where he does not, I simply bargain with him that if he does this for me, I will visit one place that I normally would not go to. Oh, and we can get them both booked, just to be fair… πŸ˜‰

Buy a unique world map, hang it someplace where it will be seen regularly. Maps help spark the imagination and can inspire your spouse to travel more!

Even just using one of these ideas will help inspire your spouse to travel more and get your family out on an amazing adventure!

Safe Travels!

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