I Just Had A Baby and I’m Pregnant Again!!

I Just Had A Baby and I’m Pregnant Again!!

I-just-had-a-baby-and-i'm-pregnant-again4 very tired months after delivering my first born son I became very sick and so tired.

I was nursing regularly (it was my son’s only food source at the time).

I had not had a period yet.

I was exhausted (as all new parents are), did I say that already?

After about 2 weeks of nausea and headaches, weight loss and feeling just plain yucky someone suggested I take a pregnancy test.

No way, I thought….

I could not be pregnant again!

Oh yes, my body said, you are pregnant again!

My jaw literally hit the sink when that little pink plus showed up – again and again and again. Am I going to be the parent of Irish Twins?!

My husband did not believe I was pregnant again until the 8 week ultra-sound – which, of course, then he was quite proud of himself!

We had definitely wanted a second child, just not that quickly!

But the universe had something different in mind!

It was at the 20 week mark when we found out I had a little baby girl in there, that I simply floated to cloud nine and knew I could handle being pregnant again.

I couldn’t believe how lucky I was, I had always wanted to have a boy and a girl (in that order) and it had happened! I felt (and continue to feel) so very blessed and lucky, even if she did come a little early.

I chose to nurse my son through my pregnancy. I had wanted to nurse each of my children for one year and I was not going to let being pregnant again stop me! I also was very lucky with the breast milk – I had loads so I felt that it would be ok.

My doctor was not for it and advised against it but said it probably would not be a problem. It felt right for me and so I did continue to nurse even though I was pregnant again. I am very glad I did.

The nine months flew by. Belly oil, diaper cream, foot rubs, fruit, quick family get away for a week to Florida (seriously, does no one get that this is NOT a holiday for mom?!), pregnancy doctor visits, and all of a sudden my gorgeous princess was due to arrive in less than 4 weeks and had grown very well despite my nursing!

I weaned my son from nursing about 4 weeks before my daughter was due. I was hoping he would not have any jealousy issues as I intended to nurse my daughter. It went well and thankfully he never had any problems with her nursing.

I had another emergency cesarean section (though this time I only labored for 6 hours and then agreed she needed to come right out). I was thankful to be in such good hands. She arrived safely with the cord wrapped around her neck 2x (just like her bro!) and she was face up. There was no way she was coming out naturally! But she made it, and what a scream she graced us all with! There was no doubt she was in the room! It was a glorious sound, music to my ears.

Before long they had put us in our private room and I had another peaceful 3 days in the hospital (score!!) to bond with my beautiful new baby. Though I could not wait to get her home to her doting father and Irish Twin brother!

I was definitely more tired, but it all was worth it. Between growing a baby, nursing a baby, making baby food, feeding my husband and I, and raising the baby – all my days were gone before I had realized they had even started. And I loved every minute of it.

I totally felt ready to raise these Irish Twins… or so I thought!!

Boy did they have a few things to teach me…

My Irish Twins are 13 months apart. It is like having twins on slightly different schedules! It is very challenging but there are ways to make it enjoyable.

And mommy time outs!! Stepping away for a quick second can change the whole situation! But more on that later….

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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