Lunch at BurgerFi in Malibu

Lunch at BurgerFi in Malibu

burgerfi in malibu

Have you heard of BurgerFi? They are a green chain of yummy restaurants featuring the gourmet “Best Burger”, fries, onion rings, custard and drinks around! With over 100 US locations and all of the awards this place has received, I was excited to see they have one in Malibu!

What makes BurgerFi in Malibu Green?

Everything! From the chairs you sit on being made from 111 upcycled Coca-Cola bottles to the walls and lighting, everything is made from the most renewable timber source available, utilizing the lowest energy consumption possible.

The décor is thoughtful, beachy and relaxed. Knowing it is eco-friendly makes it that much better!

They use locally sourced food as much as possible and their beef is “Never, Ever-3” meaning they only serve the top 1% of beef that has been treated humanely at the most prestigious of ranches.

The team at the BurgerFi in Malibu are all thoughtful and friendly. They all had a smile on their faces and were quick to help. The food smelled really good and I loved that they featured local wines and local beers on tap! Conscious to the core!

burgerfi in malibu

Where is BurgerFi in Malibu?

At the Malibu Country Mart in the Malibu Lumberyard Building up on the second floor. They have incredible views from both their patio seats (with heaters for our chilly Malibu nights) and from inside one wall being a floor to ceiling window!

You can park at the Malibu Lumberyard, have a lovely walk around – there are some incredible shops there and then pop upstairs for a yummy burger at BurgerFi in Malibu!

How is the food at BurgerFi in Malibu?

Their shakes were delicious, their onions rings were outstanding, their grilled cheese and children’s menu excellent, and their gourmet burgers were very good!

We walked in and were greeted by a member of their team who was very helpful, had a good understanding of the menu and helped us to order. I like their choices of natural-cane sodas, teas, local beers and local wine labels. My daughter loved the chocolate milk shake!! So did I lol, it was good!

Conscious Living: BurgerFi in Malibu

The burgers were yummy. We tried the lettuce wrap and the regular cheese burger, as they came from the menu. The burgers were good and the sauce was good. The pickles were think cut and so good on the burger, I really did like it.  The sauce was sweet and tangy, the lettuce crispy, the tomato perfectly ripe and sliced and it all came together in a delicious bite.

BurgerFi in Malibu

The onion rings, were outstanding! The fries pretty good.

Would you go to BurgerFi in Malibu again?

Absolutely! It has a great atmosphere. The food is very good and the location is perfect. Where you are there shopping on your own, out for a date night, a working lunch or bringing your kids along, BurgerFi has reasonable prices and a fun atmosphere that will give you a fun place to be no matter who you are with!

When do you want to go?!

BurgerFi in Malibu

Cheers and yummy eats!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx

A special thanks to the owners of BurgerFi in Malibu for sponsoring this post and showing us such a great time when we came in to check you out!

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