Conscious Living: 5 Easy Ways to Make More Time Now

Conscious Living: 5 Easy Ways to Make More Time Now

Conscious Living: 5 Easy Ways To Make More Time Now

Time is our most precious asset, second only to our health. What we do with our time is, at the end of the day, truly up to us.

Then why do so many of us feel like we don’t ever have enough time or that there is just so much to do looming over our heads in the future that we can’t even take a second to be in the present? I know I feel both of these.

I procrastinate little things like getting gas (literally until the light has been on for a few…); sending an email; checking my voicemail; banking; grocery shopping all under the guise of having to do other big, ahem much more important things like writing, creating, planning my littles schedule, tidying the house, meal planning and cooking, playing taxi… shall I go on?

Does this sound familiar? And before you know it, we are into a different season before we’ve taken any time to slow down and enjoy the last one!

This is exhausting though. I got so tired of it, especially as the seasons began to fly faster by. I became more conscious of my actions and sought to give myself the ability to succeed.

As soon as I had decided to stop living that way, I became more conscious of little things I was doing that I didn’t need to be or that made me unhappy. Which in turn gave me more time!

It is about changing your perception and mind set. No matter what stage of life you are in, there will be challenges and blessings all over. It is important to remember that whatever is going on in your life right now is a season and it will change. So focus a little more on the now before it is gone… and you realize you miss it.

Instead of looking at your list or thinking about your week as “Ugh, I have to do…” try “Ok, this week I get to do…”. Consider your priorities and what gives you pleasure. Are you spending a lot of time doing things that make you miserable?

5 Easy Ways to Make More Time Now

  1. Prioritize. Think about your current priorities in life. Make a list of the things you love to do and the things you hate to do. Make a plan to stop doing the things you strongly don’t like and start focusing on those you do. This will not only give you more time, but it will also help you use your biggest asset to the max.
  2. Ask for help. It’s ok. I was one of those that thought I could do it all. I can’t. Oh well, life goes on. And much better now frankly as I do reach out and ask for help when I need it. Whether you are a single parent or part of a well-running family, you don’t have to do it all. Let someone help you – this will give you the precious asset time we are always wanting more of!
  3. Disregard the negative people in your life. We all have people that are inspirational in our lives and people who are sucking us dry. This is a very hard thing to do, but we need to cut ties with people who are not encouraging us to succeed and making us feel good about ourselves. Be honest with yourself and only schedule meetings and outings with people who are good for you, because you can. Not spending time with negative people will give you more time for positivity!
  4. Be Organized. For many of us, a lot of time each day is spent not being put to good use. We spend it watching tv, wondering what to do (or what went wrong lol), thinking about what we should be doing, yet not doing it. I find that if you are organized, on a level you are comfortable with, you will utilize your time far better getting more done making you feel extra productive. A win-win.
  5. Meditate. Do a 5-minute meditation. Carve 5 minutes out of your morning routine, and do a 5 minute meditation to clear your mind, to live in the present for 5 minutes, to feel. This will bring clarity which will help you with your time management.

Bonus Challenge: Create a Time Journal. Spend 7 days jotting down everything you do with your awake time, including time spent doing them. How much sleep you are getting. At the end, sit down with tea/coffee/hot chocolate and get ready to be honest with yourself. Critique how you are spending your time and where you can make changes. Identify the things you really love doing vs. what you hate doing so that you can begin to focus on what makes you happy.

Be sure to come by our Malibu Mama Loves Beach Club on facebook to share your findings and growth or ask any questions! You will learn so much about yourself by taking this challenge! Congrats on taking this step towards a better you, I can’t wait to read all about it!

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Conscious Living: 5 Easy ways to make more time now

Cheers and Time Blessings!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx

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