Manor at Weston on the Green – a Proper English Country Manor House

Manor at Weston on the Green – a Proper English Country Manor House

manor at weston on the green

Photo Credit: Erik Valebrokk

A bit ago you read about the first two nights of my sponsored trip to Celebrate Roald Dahl on his 100th Anniversary and VisitBritain!

Today I am going to share with you something that I have always wanted to do – to stay in an English Country Manor House. I have always loved the English Countryside but have never actually spent the night there, just day tripped or passed thru from one city to another. So I was really excited for this part of the trip.

Manor at Weston on the Green is an 11th century manor house that once was an abbey. This property is beautifully landscaped with incredible gardens, tennis courts, a private outdoor pool and a hand-laid stone path, suggested to have been laid even before the manor was built and connects it to the local village.

It is elegant, it is charming, it was everything I had hoped it would be. Decorated with smartly placed antiques and warm country style, you feel right at home when you first enter.

manor on weston on the green

Photo Credit: Anonymous guest

Upon arrival, they lit a gorgeous fire in a huge stone fireplace, poured us some champagne and we sat in a cozy setting whilst being checked in. We had a bit of free time before dinner so once I had settled into my room, I grabbed my camera and went off to explore the property.

I had a lovely walk around in their peaceful, serene gardens. What a perfect setting for an intimate wedding, party, a romantic getaway or even to get in some quality family travel time with the kids as they have lawn games set up for your use and plenty of other family activities to do. I decided then that I must bring the kids for a stay here soon!

Of course, I had to find out if there was a ghost wandering the property or not as I thought all English Country Manor Houses had to have some story! I had the opportunity to meet the owner who shared theirs with me.

Back when The Manor at Weston on the Green was used as an abbey, there was a simple girl who worked there as a maid called Mad Maude. Because she was simple, some of the unkind monks would take advantage of her. A cardinal happened to be visiting and caught her with one of the monks doing things they should not be. He immediately carried her out of the abbey and had her burned alive for these indiscretions.

She has been seen ever since by the owners who followed and even by some staff and guests today roaming about, looking for a friend and some kindness. Nothing frightening or scary has ever happened to anyone, all reports of her say that she tries to talk with you and is friendly. She mostly sticks to one room at the Manor at Weston on the Green but occasionally has been seen walking around the gardens.

Very interesting… unfortunately I was not staying in that particular room, but I still hoped for a sighting!

I freshened up for dinner and headed over to the beautiful dining room. I had a fantastic meal – the food was all fresh, organic, locally grown and raised. The menu is great and the food was out of this world.

Afterwards I went and had a drink in the very cozy bar where I had the pleasure of meeting some of the other guests, one of whom was staying in Mad Maude’s room. They were kind enough to send me a photo of the room to share with you. Check it out:

manor on weston on the green

Photo credit: Anonymous Guest

I had a wonderful, peaceful rest. The rooms are clean and nicely decorated with very comfortable beds, nice bathrooms and great water pressure!

At breakfast the next morning, I met up with the people staying in Mad Maude’s room to see if they had any sightings, but they, too, had had a peaceful, good nights’ sleep!

The ghost story adds a bit of excitement, but even without it, The Manor at Weston on the Green has so much charm and character that it truly should be high on your list of places to visit soon.

I know I can’t wait to return with my children!

Tomorrow I will share all about what we did after leaving The Manor at Weston on the Green as the journey to Cardiff, Roald Dahls’ birthplace, continues!

Safe travels and happy thoughts!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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