Mother’s Day 2018 in Malibu

Mother’s Day 2018 in Malibu

Mothers day 2018 in Malibu

I love being a mom, it has been an incredible journey. One that has taken me to places I have never been too, tested all of my patience, sleep deprived me, and made me the happiest woman on the planet!

My littles are my lights. And they are growing up way too fast.

Living across the country from my own Mother really makes me appreciate this time I do have with my kids. I miss her so much and know that one day, my children will be missing me. So I find it important to take advantage of every special moment that I can to slow down, spend quality time with my kids and to just appreciate all that we have.

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for that!

This year, I am missing my family back east and I wanted to do something a little different for my kids out here. I wanted to combine our New England roots with our California life.

Growing up, we would have lobster bakes for almost every special occasion. In my grandfather’s retirement, they moved to the coast of Maine and he got his lobster license for fun. We had 4 traps in a little cove that when the tide was out, we could dig our own steamers and have quite the feast.

Living in California, I miss these New England Lobster Bakes so much! You can not get steamers really anywhere out side of New England and west coast lobster just aren’t as good (sorry, but not really, they just aren’t!).

I found a company called Lobster Taxi who claimed to be delivering fresh LIVE Maine Lobsters and Steamers to anywhere in the US. I had to try.

So for this Mother’s Day, we had a traditional New England Lobster Bake and it rocked!

Mother’s Day 2018

I woke up to tea and fresh chocolate chip pancakes (my fave) and gifts and cards from the ones I love the most. But let’s be honest here, the real gift was not having to cook or clean for a meal and watching my children’s excitement as they played waiter and served me – so cute!

We then got dressed and attended a refreshing church service together. Remembering Mother’s of the past, identifying with the struggles and joys that all Mother’s go through, being appreciated for all that we do as women for all children.

It was such an uplifting start to our day, I was so excited to go try the lobster’s and steamers that were waiting for us to cook. I consider myself to be a little bit of a lobster and steamer snob. I almost never will order them out because they never taste right. But I can cook them perfectly so as long they were alive and fresh, I had high hopes.

The kids helped me prepare everything in the kitchen and it was one of the highlights of my day. We made cornbread, pasta salad, corn on the cob, potatoes and all the yummy ingredients that go into the lobster bake.

And can I tell you, it tasted like we had pulled them out of the water this morning. It took me right back to my childhood. They tasted incredibly fresh and so so good. Color me impressed, Lobster Taxi is the real deal. They deliver what they say and their seafood is OUTSTANDING. You have to go check them out here.

We were gathered around the table, with this big, gorgeous New England Lobster Bake in front of us and all I could think was how lucky and blessed I am. I had fun sharing stories about growing up on the east coast. Sharing a part of our family history with my children. Getting to eat my favorite foods that I have not had in a very long time here in Southern California was a treat in itself.

It is days like these that make being a mom the best job ever. And that is what Mother’s Day 2018 in Malibu is all about, mom feeling special, appreciated, loved.

So let me share this happy feeling with you. In case no one mentioned it to you today, let me say it. You are an incredible, giving, beautiful, intelligent, fun mama who is doing a great job. Thank you for all of the little and big things you do every minute of every day to ensure that our children, the next generation, grow up healthy, happy, productive, conscious individuals who will make a difference. Because you make a difference every day in their lives. I see you. I appreciate you.

You are amazing.

Happy Mother’s Day

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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