My 3-Day Juice Cleanse Experience

My 3-Day Juice Cleanse Experience



A few weeks ago, a friend of mine did a 3-day juice cleanse. She lost 7 lbs., felt amazing and loved the process.

So I thought it would be a fun idea to try my own 3 day juice cleanse the week before my momcation. Honestly, I have been having a hard time bouncing back from the extra pounds that came with the holidays. I secretly hoped this would be just the thing to get me back on track and shed a couple of pounds while gaining some energy.

I wanted to make my own juice, as I assumed that is the best, most conscious way to do it. So I googled 3-day juice cleanse and lots of choices came up. Since Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is one of my favorite documentaries that I think everyone should watch (hint hint – click the title to go directly to the film and watch it for free!), I decided to go with the writer/superstar Joe Cross‘ 3 day cleanse that Dr. Oz featured.

You can find the recipes and juice schedule that I followed here. Basically, I was to have 5 juices a day with water in between each serving. Joe’s cleanse says you can have a dinner of vegetables and fruit, however I wanted to really go for it and just have juice, nothing else, for 3 days – just as my friend had done, so I stuck to having just 5 juices a day!!

I did check with my doctor first to make sure that this would be safe for me to try so please be sure to talk to your doctor BEFORE starting this or any other juice cleanse.

My 3-Day Juice Cleanse Cost

The list provided is for only 1 day. So when I did my grocery shop for this, I bought triple of everything on the list. My total cost was $65 – I bought all organic and as much local produce as I could.

My 3-Day Juice Cleanse Process

Since I own a Ninja, I thought I would try juicing with it. Here is the plan on how to make juice with a Ninja –

  1. Wash, peel, cut ingredients. Add to the Ninja.
  2. Chop for a minute.
  3. Add ½ cup water, or more depending on your ingredients – rootier juices made in the Ninja require more water whereas gazpacho juice does not need much.
  4. Pour into a strainer over a bowl with a pour spout.
  5. Wearing clean rubber gloves, press the pulp in the strainer to get the maximum amount of juice out.
  6. Pour juice over ice and enjoy.

My 3-Day Juice Cleanse Diary

Day 1 – I was super excited to start my juice cleanse this morning. I woke up, had warm water with lemon and weighed in at 140 lbs. Making the juice myself is a little harder than I thought, but really good. There is something to making food for yourself out of fresh fruits and veg from mother earth, it just feels good! The pressing part of the process takes a bit longer than I had hoped, but that is ok! My first juice tasted great, as they all did. The beet dinner drink is a bit rooty, I’m not gonna lie, but it was good. Also, the day got a bit away from me and I did not drink enough water. I got a great workout in this morning and then had a lovely shower after I used a body brush to rub away the toxins that my body is readily releasing. I am really surprised at how full I feel. I am a bad night-time snacker so I knew I would be ok during the day, it is the night that worried me!! But I truly feel full. I did not have any cravings – which surprised me because normally, as soon as my kids are in bed, the ice cream/popcorn/chips come out!!! But not tonight, I feel good. Day 1 of my juice cleanse was a success!!

Day 2 – I woke up feeling ok this morning. I had my warm water with lemon to start my day. I was feeling a little bloated in the belly, however my energy levels were up and I swear my bottom looked firmer…! By lunch, my hand, wrist and forearm were starting to really hurt from hand-pressing the juice. But the juice was yummy and the rest of me was feeling good so I was determined to continue. I had a rigorous walk in the canyons today for exercise, which felt great. By dinner I had a slight headache and had not had any ‘movements’ yet that day. Then I realized, again, that I had not had enough water. I immediately drank 2 16oz glasses of water and instantly felt better. Note to self – drinking plenty of water is super important to being successful with this juice cleanse!  Once I had used my body brush and taken a very hot shower, I felt really good. I usually hit a tired slump around 3-4 in the afternoon and then again around 9, but not today!! I felt energized ALL day. I did not weigh myself, but I felt lighter somehow and freer, if that makes sense. Again, I was really surprised at how full I felt, especially at night. I really thought I would break in the evenings, but I did not. I am not even tempted right now!!

Day 3 – I woke up with my arm in lots of pain. There would be no juicing for me today. 🙁 Thankfully there is a fresh pressed juicery nearby me that opens early! I had my warm water with lemon then popped over there before taking my littles to school. Much to my luck they had juices that were very similar to what my recipes called for so I chose 5, paid (the cost was $21) and quickly popped open my first one. I am sad to say it tasted better than mine… though not as fresh!! Lol!! By this time, my body was feeling firm. I am in shock, but the truth is, I am seeing real results. I can’t wait to weigh in tomorrow! My body feels firm and some of my cellulite (yup, I have some, but we will keep that our little secret, won’t we?!) was gone!!!!! The 5 juicery juices were delicious and did keep me feeling full all day. I am surprised to find that I am not even hungry for anything other than my juice tonight. I thought I would be totally starving by now and I am not. I feel powerful. My belly and bottom have both really firmed up and I am so excited to weigh myself tomorrow that I have forgotten all about the ice cream in the freezer and my poor popcorn popper! I had a walk today for exercise and truly was feeling great all day.

Thoughts After My 3-Day Juice Cleanse

On the fourth morning, I weighed in at 136lbs!!! That is a total weight loss of 4lbs in 3 days! My body is feeling firmer and honestly, I feel powerful and totally in control. Amazing! I loved doing my 3 day juice cleanse!!! I am definitely back on track now with my body and my mind. The total cost was $81 and I feel like it was worth every penny.

Interestingly, the fourth day was a travel day for me. I found that I was craving juice still that day and found places in LAX and Miami that had fresh pressed juices for purchase and that is what I chose! However, I went totally unhealthy that night and felt not so great the next morning. Note to self – after the next cleanse, start off with lighter foods like salads with a protein or pastas!! I ate better food for the rest of the trip and of course felt awesome.

I find the 3-day juice cleanse to be great if you are looking to jump-start a new healthier you that can feel better, look better and live better. It is not so much about the weight coming off as it is about feeling your best. I was feeling a bit slow and sluggish and within 3 days, I am feeling more energy in both body and mind.

This is a great cleanse that I will definitely be doing again, though next time I want to buy this Breville to make my own juices with… lol!!

Have you tried a 3 day juice cleanse? Did you like it?

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

Author: malibumamaloves

I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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    • Oh no! I am intrigued as I felt so powerful doing mine, and remember I am (was) a big night-time snacker! Which one did you do?

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  1. I have a breville juicer and my fiance and I tried to do a juice cleanse… I lasted 4 days and he did 2 or 3, but both of us were feeling hungry. I’d like to try again when I don’t have to work so much and can rest! Congrats on the weight loss! We didn’t weigh ourselves but I did feel lighter after.

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  2. I want to stay healthy and fit! You just gave me a great idea and thanks for the great post 😀

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  3. I’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse!!

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