My Purple Tree – A Story of Projection

My Purple Tree – A Story of Projection


Something incredible has happened in our lives, in my life. And I have to share this story.

8 years ago when we relocated to Southern California from Rhode Island, I discovered the beautiful purple trees native to SoCal. I instantly wanted to live in a home with one.

Our realtor at the time thought I was funny, but humored me and helped us look for one. I made a list of 3 houses and when we arrived back at her office to go through applications, all three had gone under lease that morning. So we picked the best house we could as we were on a time constraint and no purple tree… there wasn’t even one anywhere on that street.

The years passed and I thought about it often. Wishing I had the purple tree and each day, in my 5 minutes of meditation, I would visualize our next home having one.

Then we got divorced. Then the kids and I had to move on our own, in a very short period of time. Again I asked our realtor for a home with a purple tree.

And again, I did not get one. We found a nice place to start our healing process, but no purple tree. ;-(

Fast forward 3 years and again it was time for my kids and I to find a new home. We looked for months, I asked every realtor we met with for a home with a purple tree. We couldn’t find anything suitable.

I had moving trucks set to come on that Monday, but with no place to go yet. My father flew out the Wednesday before thinking he was moving our stuff into storage and us into a hotel until we could find a place.

Can you imagine the stress I was under? I was so so scared. But each day, I would visualize, pray and remind myself God has a plan and it will be ok.

That Friday morning, I received a notification of a new property that had just hit the market. I didn’t even know if there would be time to process my application, but I made a Hail Mary play and arranged a viewing that very morning.

We all went and upon entering, it was like this house was made for us. My dad got on great with the realtor who understood our time crunches and went the distance to get us in. By that evening we had signed the lease, made the deposit and I knew everything would be ok.

This took place in January, no trees were in bloom. But there were 3 trees in the backyard, I just assumed it was not yet my time to have a purple tree. We moved in, everything seemed to fit perfectly. We quickly got to work planting an amazing garden and fixing up the grounds.

I was out weeding early one morning in June and I looked up to see the trees had bloomed. Much to my disbelief and amazement… I HAD A PURPLE TREE!!!!!

My mouth dropped open. I went out in the street to see if there were others and I discovered this house is the only one on the road with a purple tree.

For 8 years, every day, I visualized a purple tree in my yard. How incredible to see that it happened. I was so moved, I painted the above painting which now hangs in our front entry as a constant reminder of what mindfulness, positivity and projecting can bring.

Thepower of positive, the power of projection, the secret, the laws of attraction – however you want to label it, it works!

Maybe things are not exactly as you want them… yet. This is a small, but real example of if you want something, if you think about daily, if you work towards it, then it can happen.

Our brains are incredibly powerful tools that put off an intense energy when we learn to harness it, similar to a magnet. If we think it enough and put the effort in, it will happen.

My purple tree is a testament to that!


Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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