How to Pack Your Jewelry for Travel

How to Pack Your Jewelry for Travel

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Whether this trip is for business or pleasure, accessories will play an important role. Once you have figured out which jewelry pieces you want to travel with, you are ready to pack them. But how?

Arriving on a trip with a jumble of jewelry in your case is never fun. To make sure that never happens, try these great tips.

How to Pack Your Jewelry for Travel

Pack Your Jewelry for #TravelTip 1

Lay a linen/cotton blend cloth napkin (best as this fabric does not catch any loops) flat. Clasp and straighten all pieces in a straight line. Fold over one at a time and store discreetly in your makeup case for short trips or jewelry case for longer trips.

Pack Your Jewelry for Travel Tip 2

Use a straw to keep the jewelry from tangling then store in a bag. You can cut the straw to fit the length of the necklace/bracelet. Then run the necklace through the straw and clasp together at end.

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Pack Your Jewelry for Travel Tip 3

Use a multiple day pill case for rings, brooches or small earrings. If you are into recycling, try using an egg carton for this purpose as well – have your kids decorate it to make it more fun!

Pack Your Jewelry for Travel Tip 4

If bringing a lot of small earrings, punch holes with a safety pin into an index card and fasten earrings to it. This works great for larger earrings if you do not have a box, fix 1 pair (2 if they fit and do not rub each other) on the index card and store in bag or cloth.

travel with jewelry                                                                                                                       travel with jewelrytravel with jewelry

Pack Your Jewelry for Travel Tip 5

Invest in a great travel jewelry case or box. It is really handy to have all of your travel jewelry in one place. Utilize the above tips and store in your travel jewelry case for the best chance of having everything arrive safely!

What are your great tricks to pack your #jewelry for #travel?

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