8 Reasons To Be Thankful For Our Veterans

8 Reasons To Be Thankful For Our Veterans


reasons to be thankful for our veterans

Veterans Day is a day to celebrate all of our soldiers, both living and past, for providing a safe environment for us to live in.

We simply would not be able to enjoy our freedoms, our way of life, without the hard work and sacrifice that our soldiers have made for us and our great country.

So, in honor of each one of our Veterans, here is a list I have put together of the reasons to be thankful for our veterans.

8 Reasons To Be Thankful For Our Veterans

  1. They serve willingly. Our vets enlist out of an internal duty to protect and serve us. They are not forced and do so because they love and believe in our country.
  2. They wake up and risk their lives for us every day. While in uniform, they protect and serve us without complaint every single day, because they believe in our freedom and this great country.
  3. Their families and loved ones sacrifice too. Many of us have someone close who has fought in a war or is currently enlisted. Their families stand strong and lend support even when it is not needed. For this sacrifice, we should honor the entire Military family.
  4. They appreciate freedom in a way that civilians take for granted. Veterans truly understand what goes into making a country free and they willingly take the steps to ensure all of our freedoms, every day.
  5. Veterans make great role models. Whether you are a child or an adult, we all have a lot to learn from Veterans. In today’s society, with so many corrupt politicians, athletes and actors who are all in it for the money what better role model can you find than a veteran (who I promise you did not enlist for the money) who has stood up and fought for our freedoms because they so deeply believe in this country and our right to live in peace?
  6. Veterans are great leaders. The military gives incredible leadership training. Many veterans come out of the military with skills that would shock you and the ability to direct a group of people to work together and accomplish the unthinkable.
  7. Veterans are able to perform under pressure. They have been through the toughest of situations and have emerged victorious. Veterans have had to make life and death decisions in a matter of seconds, giving them a keen sense of what to do in an emergency – an invaluable skill.
  8. Veterans do what they do so we don’t have to. So we can live a comfortable, safe life, even under threat of danger.

So the next time you see a veteran, thank them. If you pass by one who is going through a difficult time, help them however you can.

Because if it were not for our United States of America Veterans, this country simply would not be what it is today.

Thank you to each and every one of our Veterans and their families. I appreciate the sacrifices you have all made more than words can express.

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