Signs Of Domestic Violence

Signs Of Domestic Violence


The sad truth is that it is really hard to tell if a partner will become abusive or not. Domestic Violence has a quiet way of creeping in and destroying realities – slowly but surely.

Recently, we discussed 7 types of domestic violence abuse. So let’s dive a little deeper and talk about the signs of each type and what you can do. Recognizing them is the first step, so think about each suggestion. They are not the only forms of abuse, but they are the big ones. If you notice any of these red flags or question something, please reach out. I’m always happy to help and the domestic violence hotline is ready too.

Signs of Domestic Violence

  1. Signs of physical abuse: cuts, bruising, rare weird illnesses are all the obvious. But what you may not notice is the friend wearing sunglasses in the rain, or long sleeve shirts and pants in muggy July weather. The friend who is suddenly losing hair or weight. Unexplained frequent absences and bizarre last-minute excuses… all major red flags.
  2. Signs of emotional/psychological abuse: if you notice a partner regularly calling for check ups that seem to stress out the other person and prevent them from being present; a partner makes it so stressful that you chose not to socialize; a partner threatens the other in any way; when one partner tries so hard to uncomfortably have to come up with excuses for their partner’s behavior… all major red flags.
  3. Signs of verbal abuse: if you begin (or notice a friend) begin to put themselves down regularly; if you start to withdraw; if you start to get angry with yourself or you notice your friend putting themselves down. Likewise if you know of someone who is acting out, or you are angered when out of the house away from who is hurting you and treat others the way you have been treated at home – you may be a victim to verbal abuse and be taking it out on others … all read flags of verbal abuse.
  4. Signs of sexual abuse: if you feel dirty, ashamed, constantly needing to shower or cover up, you should not have to feel this way, it is not ok. If you notice someone who is very uncomfortable around the other sex, constantly needs to be completely covered, responds violently to physical contact… all major red flags of sexual abuse.
  5. Signs of economic/financial abuse: not being able to leave the house for work, having to ask your partner for everything and regularly being denied for no reason, constantly having to cancel due to lack of funds… all read flags.
  6. Signs of spiritual abuse: when one partner uses scriptures or traditions to control you, thing you don’t agree with or you notice a friend suddenly doing things very out of character… all red flags.
  7. Signs of cyberstalking and stalking abuse: if you suddenly don’t want to go outside, or notice a friend who has become paranoid and afraid of a partner… major read flag.

These are just some of the signs of domestic violence. If anything resonates with you, reach out. You are not alone. Over 10 million people are wearing similar shoes in this country alone.

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