Tall Ships & Chowder Taste 2018 Ventura Harbor Village

Tall Ships & Chowder Taste 2018 Ventura Harbor Village

Ventura Harbor Village

It was a chilly, yet sunny day in February, perfect for playing pirates and tasting creamy, delicious chowders all day! The Ventura Harbor Village Tall Ships and Chowder Taste was last Sunday February 25th and it was a huge success!

We had a blast!

As always, parking at Ventura Harbor Village is plentiful, free and safe. We love coming here and were super excited to taste chowder from 6 restaurants located in Ventura Harbor Village, have our favorite ice cream (because no trip to the harbor is complete without scoops from Coastal Cones!), check out the Tall Ships, hear the music and have fun together.

The Tall Ships & Festivities at Ventura Harbor Village

There were two Tall Ships docked and open for people to tour. The kids had a blast checking it out, we even talked to some of the crew to learn about their voyages up and down the west coast! Check it out:

Ventura Harbor Village

Then we went up for a walk before the Chowder Tasting began to do the fun scavenger hunt they provided and my daughter found the face painting table!

While my son and I waited for her, the band Unkle Monkey started setting up to play. They were so fun, letting the kids try their instruments and sounded great when they got going giving the whole event a relaxed, marina, fun, happy vibe that felt great!!

Ventura Harbor Village

The Chowder Taste at Ventura Harbor Village

I have to first warn you, that we are New Englanders at heart and take our chowders very seriously… it may be my son’s favorite food! And our family makes the most amazing chowder ever, so we can be very tough critics.

My son even made our own little chart and rating system so we could go through and rate each one…. The highest possible score a chowder could get was 30. So the following is an honest review from 3 touch critics on the best Chowder Taste at Ventura Harbor Village. We started at one end and worked our way around in the following order:

First Stop: The Greek Mediterranean Steak & Seafood. Our rating: 20 out of 30. So good, thick and creamy. Maybe just a tad too thick, but the flavor was there. What a great way to begin, we love their chowder!

Ventura Harbor Village

Second Stop: The Boatyard Pub. Our rating: 21 our of 30. Wow, another great chowder. Perfect consistency, great flavor, it was really good. Paired with one of their local beers and it was outstanding!

Family Travel: Ventura Harbor Village

Third Stop: 805 Bar & Grilled Cheese. Our rating: 11 out of 30. This was a ok, a bit watery and had a spice to it. Not bad. I am a wimp with spice and I was able to eat it, it did burn a bit however. I have to say their grilled cheese menu is incredible though, so we do love this place!

Ventura Harbor Village

Fourth Stop: Baja Bay Surf & Taco. Our rating: 6 out of 30. Sorry guys, stick to your amazing tacos, your chowder was super fishy and watery. Your tacos are great and worth the visit, but not your chowder!

Ventura Harbor Village

Fifth Stop: Andria’s Seafood Restaurant & Bar. Our rating: 12 out of 30. Their chowder was good, had a nice consistency, but it was had a lot of smokey flavor that we are not big fans of. You may like that though, in which it is good chowder!

Ventura Harbor Village

Sixth Stop: Bropy Bros. Restaurant & Clam Bar. Our rating: 27 out of 30. This is our favorite and the winner of our Chowder Taste at Ventura Harbor Village! This chowder is so close to how we make it at home, delicious, creamy so so so good!!!

Ventura Harbor Village

I can’t wait to do it again next year! We had such a good time laughing and going from restaurant to restaurant together. The lines were not bad at all.

Before leaving, we had to stop into Coastal Cones and were super excited to find out they are introducing a new, exclusive product… but more on that later this week. You will either have to stop in for a scoop and find out or wait until my review goes up on Monday… 😉

The fun thing is, we don’t have to wait until next year, we can do it anytime we want! Just head over to Ventura Harbor Village, start on one end and work your way around, having fun ordering small bites from each place, enjoying the view, the company and all of the unique things Ventura Harbor Village has to offer.

Cheers and happy chowder tasting!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx

A special thanks to the pr team at Ventura Harbor Village for sponsoring this post and showing us a great time there, as always! Xxx

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