The 309 Deli in Hatfield PA

The 309 Deli in Hatfield PA


Meet Sheryl, the mama behind The 309 Deli in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. It is only just recently that I met this beautiful woman face-to-face. Prior to that morning, Sheryl was a kind voice on the phone that answered when I needed someone, helped me and went above and beyond the call of duty… for a complete stranger.

Curious? Let me explain…

Hubby’s family is from Pennsylvania. In August of this year, his step-father passed at the age of 97. He was fortunate to pass in their home in her loving arms.

Living all the way out here on the West Coast, hubby and I felt helpless. We were not able to get out there for a couple of weeks to look after my mother-in-law so I needed to find some help.

I wanted to have a nice meal delivered to her each afternoon for the first week or so as I feared she would not eat otherwise. I turned to google.

At first all I could find to deliver were a couple of not amazing looking pizza places. But as I continued to dig, I found a small deli. No website, just a facebook page and a phone number.

I took a chance.

My Experience with The 309 Deli in Hatfield, PA.

A girl answered. I asked if they delivered, she said yes! So I explained our situation.

We had just lost my hubby’s step-father and I was worried about my mother-in-law remembering to eat. I asked if we could arrange a little meal plan for the rest of the week and the next and have it delivered. She replied that her mother owned The 309 Deli and that she would call her right now and ask her.

A deli owned by a mama whose daughter works with her? SCORE!!

Less than 20 minutes later Sheryl rang me. I again explained the situation while she patiently waited and then said absolutely. She helped me put together a nice meal plan and proceeded delivered it herself, given the situation!!

I told my mother-in-law that I was having a surprise delivered. She called me as soon as it arrived and you know when you can just hear the appreciation in someone’s voice? I could almost hear her smile – for the first time in days.

All thanks to Sheryl, owner of The 309 Deli in Hatfield PA.

Sheryl proceeded to deliver the food each day and spent a little time with my mother-in-law when she could. AMAZING.

Here is how The 309 Deli went above and beyond….

I had no idea they were closed on Sunday. I did not look and she did not tell me. But because of my situation, Sheryl actually cooked my mother-in-law a meal in her own kitchen and delivered it to her on a Sunday when she was not supposed to be working. There are no words to describe how grateful both my husband and I are to her. I could not wait to go meet Sheryl in person.

When we did get out to Pennsylvania, I popped over early one morning.

the 309 deli hatfeild pa

the 309 deli hatfield pa










It was just before 6am and the windows were glowing, inviting me in. As I pulled open the door, I was greeted by mouth-watering, home-cooked smells and the friendliest set of eyes to welcome me.

Sheryl makes all of her own food using as much locally sourced, organic ingredients as possible. The quality of her ingredients shines through in the incredible aromas and flavors that comes from her food.

It is her kindness, her willingness to help a stranger, the care that she puts into her food, that makes The 309 Deli the BEST deli in town!

Both her mother and her daughter help with The 309 Deli making this a delectable family business!!

At The 309 Deli in Hatfield PA the food is prepared with love by good, caring folks who are making a difference in their community everyday.

You can find The 309 Deli located at 1618 Bethlehem Pike in Hatfield Pennsylvania or on their facebook page here. Their phone number is 215-822-2653 for delivery orders.

the-309-deli hatfield pa




the 309 deli hatfield pa

The 309 Deli has become my favorite deli in town and I will be sure to visit every time I can. I highly recommend everything in there, so if you are hungry and driving by – Stop in, your belly will thank you!!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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  1. We live between vine st and Orville Rd.where is the deli located. Is it near a store you can name?
    Always interested in helping local businesses.

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