The Back To Sleep Pillow Review

The Back To Sleep Pillow Review

back to sleep pillow review

The Back to Sleep Pillow

We are only just beginning to understand everything that goes on in our bodies while we sleep and just how important sleep is.

We do know that not getting enough sleep will result in weight fluctuations, premature aging (wrinkles), hair loss, hormone imbalances, lowered immune system and more. We also know that sleeping on our sides and stomachs boosts wrinkle development…

Sleep is important. Therefor I am always on the lookout for anything to help get more beneficial sleep! So when Sleep Time Products contacted me to review their latest pillow design created to reduce wrinkles and promote back sleeping I was very excited to try and to share! Sleep Time Products sent me their Back To Sleep soft pillow and bamboo pillow case in exchange for my honest review.

I have always been a side sleeper with regular neck pain and lately – wrinkles have been appearing. However, upon receipt of the pillow, I began examining the best positions for sleep. Over the next few weeks we will explore each position further (and some great tips on how to get enough sleep).

Research shows that back sleeping is superlative for many reasons so I will use this pillow to see if I can comfortably convert to back sleeping, eliminate my neck pain and stop these wrinkles in their tracks!

You can buy the Back-to-Sleep pillow here where it is described as:

The Back To Sleep Pillow was designed to cradle the back of your head to promote healthy back sleeping.  Alleviating the creases and allowing gravity to smooth the skin- naturally.

Another great feature is that the Back To Sleep pillow is made right here in the USA and they offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee on their product – which shows this company really believes in their creation.

I was very excited to receive my Back To Sleep soft pillow and the bamboo pillow case.

It has a very unique design and has holes through it to increase air flow and keep you cool all night! I love that there are 2 different neck support sizes on 1 pillow plus you can flip it over for a flat pillow if you fancy!
back-to-sleep pillow review

The first thing I noticed is that it has a light, earthy smell to it. It is not offensive in any way, but I wanted to air it out before use. I sprinkled some baking soda to soak up the smell and I left the Back To Sleep Pillow in a nice shady, breezy spot for 3 hours. Then I shook off the backing soda and sprayed on this organic lavender linen spray and wa-laa – this pillow is ready to send me right to dreamland!

Now to test it out! I was not sure if I would be able to make it through the night on my back, I have never done that before, but I was open for the test! I would love to not have to go to the chiropractor so often to fix my neck…!!! I slipped on my sleeping mask, found a comfy spot on the pillow, pulled up the covers and went off to explore my dreams!

I awoke, on my back, feeling refreshed and great! NO NECK PAIN!!! This was unbelievable to me! Wow, and the only difference in my sleeping routine was a pillow!

It seems crazy to me that pillow support can make such a difference, but it really can, the Back To Sleep pillow is proof!

I love the Back To Sleep Pillow!

I have been using it for 3 nights now and so far no neck pain. My pillow smells great and I have been staying on my back. Not to mention I rest easier knowing I am naturally fighting the wrinkles!!

I highly recommend the Back To Sleep pillow and give it two thumbs up! It is priced fairly at $119.95 considering it will save you loads on chiropractor and beauty care product bills! Sleep Time Products is offering my readers 10% off – just click here, enter “malibumamaloves” as the coupon code and receive 10% off one of the best purchases you will ever make. The Back To Sleep pillow will change how you sleep forever!

The Back To Sleep pillow has the ability to keep you younger looking while providing a deep and refreshing sleep putting you in the greatest of moods– what could be better than that?!

Which Back To Sleep pillow is right for you – the soft or the firm?

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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