The Power Of Group Healing

The Power Of Group Healing


In recent years we have seen the trends in mental health leaning towards group healing over one-on-one healing. The word on the power of group healing is spreading quickly, I’m sure you have heard about it.

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy where participants work in groups rather than speaking directly to a therapist 1 on 1 and provides powerful group healing. They are often about one particular experience type that many may go through individually. It can be online or in person. One or two leaders will open a conversation on a direct topic and the group will participate at their own unique comfort level with their thoughts, feelings and/or experiences.

It is a safe space for like-minded individuals who are trying to rebuild from similar traumas coming together with the intention to heal, grow, evolve.

In our free masterclass, Treat Yourself Well Consciously Awaken The True You, we specifically designed it to have a group healing effect. Katie and I create a safe space through a trauma informed lens to help you turn your pain into purpose on your healing journey together with like-minded souls. You can sign up here:

I have had so many positive experiences doing this group work that I wanted to share with you the benefits I have noticed so far in the power of group healing.

The Benefits Of Group Healing

  1. It is very cost-effective. This is a major reason we have seen this trend on the uprise. Therapy and treatments can quickly get super expensive. Group therapy is often far more affordable, sometimes even free. It can be flexible with pricing often at a fraction of what 1 on 1 therapy costs.
  2. Many will feel more at ease in a group setting because the pressure of having attention hyper focused on themselves is alleviated. They can relax, open up at their own pace and identify that they are not alone. They see that others have had similar experiences allowing them to see their own experience through multiple other perspectives. Something 1 on 1 therapy would not have opened the door too.
  3. We each move through our healing journey at our own pace, having our Ah-ha moments and eye-opening effects when the time is right for us individually. In group healing, everyone grows at a different pace. One of the things I have really noticed is how the people who grasp on faster, inspire those who are moving at a different pace. It is so beautiful to see the group participants motivate each other.
  4. Group healing creates lifelong bonds with other group participants. It truly does in a special way.
  5. The group moderator, therapist, coach will ask specific questions and bring up specific topics to help guide the group to heal. Constantly watching/being aware of how each participant reacts in order to help the growing and understanding.
    1. What I love about our free masterclass is that we have two moderators – a licensed master psychologist and a certified conscious trauma informed life coach. 4 eyes watching body language and gauging reactions so we can best guide you to the ultimate healing and transformation.

What Is Group Healing Good For

Group healing is most widely known as being one the best ways to kick your addictions – think AA, GA, and the like. In addition, it is commonly known to help those who have been affected by other people’s addictions – think ALANON and the like.

But what doesn’t get talked about as often, and for me was very hard to find, is how powerful group healing for various traumas is. Topics like domestic violence, rape, loss of loved ones, financial disaster, certain personality disorders, varieties of abuses etc. Group healing, on it’s own or paired with 1 on 1, provides a certain level of healing and connection to others that just can’t be found anywhere else.

What are your thoughts on group healing? Ours is easy to join and we would LOVE to hear from you! Click here to get started today!

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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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