The Secrets of Sulpher Springs Season Finale on Disney+

The Secrets of Sulpher Springs Season Finale on Disney+


Tomorrow night is the season finale of The Secrets of Sulphur Springs on Disney at 8pm EST. Will we get our answers, or will the mystery continue on to hopefully season 2 or even a movie (just a suggestion Disney!!).

The charisma this cast has with the super fun story line, The Secrets of Sulphur Springs is a truly binge-worthy family show that speaks to every age.

We watch a family leave the big city and everything they know to go renovate the Tremont Inn, which has been closed down for years and is a complete mess. Mama and kids are not very excited at first, but they love Dad so they try to be supportive.

As the kids start school, they meet local kids who have stories of how The Tremont Inn is haunted. And then things start happening in the Inn…

I don’t want to give you any spoilers if you haven’t been following along yet. But time travel, missing kids, and well-kept secrets from the past are all involved! This is such a fun show to watch together as a family, the adult story line is relatable, the kid’s storyline is fascinating. It’s perfect for a family date night!

My kids and I have started a weekly Disney Date night on Friday! We make a nice dinner together and get cozy to watch the latest Episode of Secrets of Sulphur Springs. Disney Channel PR and Kristin Cruz have given us great inspiration each week in sending super yummy treats (check my Instagram to see).

For tomorrow’s episode, they sent us a caboodle and a fun USB radio, things we loved in the 80’s making me so curious as to what will happen in the season finale tomorrow!! I loooooved my caboodle and can’t wait to see what my daughter keeps in hers. The costumes and scenery from the past have been so fun to watch and see!! I can’t wait for tomorrow.

And next Friday, for our Disney Date, we are going to binge watch the entire season!! You can too on Disney+.  Here’s hoping for a season 2 AND a movie!!!


Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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