Through A Child’s Eyes

Through A Child’s Eyes

through a child's eyes

Can you remember how you viewed the world as a child? As we grow and go through life, our perspective changes. Things that we would never have even noticed as a child seem to work their way in to affect our choices.

As I watch my children grow now, I am fascinated by how they perceive and value things. I think there is a lot to learn (or remember) from our kids that we often dismiss because of how busy we are or how wrapped up in a current situation we can be.

Instead of just watching them, let’s learn something from them!

6 Reasons Why You Should View Life Through A Child’s Eyes

  1. Everything is brand new! Children do not put expectations on things because everything is brand new to them. They wake up in the morning with a clear mind feeling like anything is possible. Do you, or do you wake up dreading all of the things on your list for the day? Try thinking about your to-do list as a starting point full of possibilities, knowing that anything can happen.
  2. Everything is an opportunity to learn. Children are so thirsty for knowledge; they soak up everything they can while we look for quick answers and easier ways to finish things. Try getting interested and taking all chances to expand your knowledge instead of getting through it faster. Slow down a little and take advantage of what life sends in your direction. Learn even from our mistakes, instead of getting angry that something didn’t work out, learn from it and do it better next time!
  3. All people are a potential friend. Children are always excited to meet new people. They don’t care what they look like, where they are from, what church or school they go to, or even what they are wearing. Try adopting a little of this attitude when you are out and about, smile at a stranger in line, offer to help someone with their bags and see what happens!
  4. Anything is possible. Children have no expectations. This gives them the mindset that anything is possible, which allows for anything to happen. They think they can be anything in the world (which they – along with us – can be)! Try looking at the world as full of possibilities, no matter what your age is. If there is something that you have always wanted to do – career change, an epic trip, dancing in the rain – then get out there and go for. The only thing holding you back is you, so take a chance, believe in yourself and go for it, just like our kids do!
  5. Their imaginations are limitless. Children come up with the craziest things… though are they really crazy? I love to encourage outside of the box thinking to my kids. As an adult, logic and experience speak loudly telling us what is possible and what is not. Though there is a lot of value to that, there is equally enough value to letting our imaginations go and brainstorming new ways of accomplishing things, like our kids do.
  6. They don’t care what other people think. This is such an important thing to notice. Kids go happily through their day not caring what other people think of them, but I bet you don’t! We can all let our choices be affected by what Joe and Mary next door thinks. By being conscious of this, we have the chance to put everyone else out of our minds and make a decision that will truly honor ourselves.

Life is a crazy, joyous ride that we are so lucky to be on. There are lessons to be learned at every unexpected turn, sometimes we just need to be open to them.

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