The Importance Of Trauma Awareness

The Importance Of Trauma Awareness


When we talk about trauma, most people’s minds go immediately to either physical trauma – breaks, bruises, bleeding or the severe emotional trauma of experiencing an incident or abuse; never realizing the very real and very nasty long-term effects of trauma has on ourselves (trust me, I’ve lived it!). It is one of those difficult topics that people shy away from, wanting to help but having no idea what to do.

The unfortunate truth is that trauma can be caused by a massive variety of violence, injuries and misunderstood situations. Causing us to have pre-conditioned very limiting belief systems in our own capabilities.

And we need to talk about it.

Because trauma awareness is important.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is defined as the response to what they perceive as a deeply disturbing/distressing event that overwhelms a person’s ability to cope, leaving a lasting imprint in their brain conditioning them to have feelings diminishing their sense of self and their experiences in life. More accurately, trauma is defined as the experience from the survivor. Trauma prevents one from being their true, authentic self.

It looks different for everyone. What is traumatic for one person, may not be for another.

That is why trauma awareness is important.

A young child who doesn’t understand why a loving parent has to suddenly go to work, may internalize that as they are not good enough to be loved and no one wants to be with them. This trauma lies in wait for years, creating all kinds of pre-conditioned limiting belief systems into adulthood preventing many from leading the happy lives they were meant to.

A teenager losing a close friend to suicide.

A 20-something witnessing a mass shooting live.

A person who has gone to war.

A child growing up in abuse.

An adult being physically or mentally abused.

Trauma is tricky and takes on many forms, we need to be aware. It can cause feelings of helplessness, being lost, feeling empty, shutting off your emotions and running on autopilot, self-destructive behaviors, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and so much more.

Sad Facts About Trauma

An estimated 70% of adults in the USA have experienced trauma at least once in their life. Unfortunately, many of this goes untreated and leads to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which affects 20% of us, though many are still unreported so I would guess that number to be higher.

So many of us are traumatized, yet we are only just starting to understand the effects of trauma on our bodies and minds and accepting the role trauma plays in it. Many people go untreated causing horrible long-term effects like nightmares, chronic illnesses, destructive choices, hurting oneself, sometimes hurting others without realizing it.

So it is time to speak up. To talk about it. To learn about it. To get involved.

I have been learning so much about Trauma with Awareness is key to being able to bring change to our worlds, I encourage you to check out more information by clicking the link above. Join us Thursday morning January 228, 2021 at 9am PST on their facebook page to learn more about their Trauma Informed Coaching Certifications. I will be there, will you?!

The more we talk about it, the more we know, the more we can grow and heal.

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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