6 Ways Travel Is Healing

6 Ways Travel Is Healing

travel is healing

One of the many things I love about travel is how healing it truly is. Life can be overwhelming, scary, painful even – how many times a week do you mutter the words “I need a vacation” in response to these emotions?! I think I may say it daily…

Sometimes the pain is so strong, the overwhelming feelings are so deep that travel is the only way to heal, allowing you to leave everything behind and give yourself some space to refresh and get over the hurdle as you prepare to move forward.

I know how healing travel is for me. If you read my Behind the Scenes post, than you know I had some pretty major events happen last summer. I had to travel, to run, to get us out of a very unhealthy situation in order to start making healthy choices.

For me, travel provided a safe haven for us to visit with family and friends who love us and could help us heal. To many, travel provides a path to a healthier, more conscious lifestyle. Check out how –

6 Ways Travel Is Healing

  1. Travel is physically healing. Ever visited a health spa, or hot springs? Many of today’s hottest travel destinations are so because of some unique health benefit available on site or nearby. Even just a trip to the beach or to the mountains does wonders for people. Ever notice how good you feel after a few days on a beach holiday? That is because of all of the amazing health benefits to fresh air, sandy shores, and lots of laughing!
  2. Travel allows emotional healing. When you travel, you get to meet new people, see new sites, be inspired by new things. You gain a new perspective by stepping outside of your norm and seeing how other people do it, realizing that if you are strong enough to get through all the bumps in the road that come along when you travel, then you can be strong when at home too. Sometimes, this is the only way to get past serious grief and to cope with major life changes.
  3. Travel brings spiritual healing. Visiting religious landmarks is a common motivator of many people to travel. Whether it is making a pilgrimage, researching a religion or just simple fascination of religion, by trekking to these places, by acknowledging these places, by being conscious of these places and their history, we are inviting a special form of spiritual growth and healing into our lives.
  4. Travel brings healing by letting us rest. You know how much I value sleep and how important it is to our bodies, travel can let us get some much needed extra rest – think afternoon naps on the beach, or cozy early evenings spent slope side… Travel let’s us slow down our pace for a bit to rest and relax, rejuvenating us to return to our hectic work schedules.
  5. Travel brings healing by allowing us to let go. During times of pain and major life change, we often struggle with letting go of whatever it is we are holding onto. Travel allows us not only to gain a new perspective, but to let go of the old one. A valuable gift indeed.
  6. Travel is healing by showing us how much we have to appreciate in our own lives. Seeing what else is out there, how green the grass is on the other side, often times makes us really appreciate how much we do have in our own lives, how lucky each of us really are.

Family Travel: Travel is healing

I know travel has been so healing within my own life.

How has travel helped heal yours? Scroll down to comment and share with us your healing travel story, you never know who it just may help or encourage!

Cheers and safe travels!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx

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