20 Things That Will Happen When You Travel With Your Family

20 Things That Will Happen When You Travel With Your Family

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The benefits of family travel are endless, as are the adventures, bonds and memories that a great family vacation can bring.

All of the smiles, laughs, excitement, and wonder that traveling with your family brings makes it worthwhile to plan, mentally prepare for and take these trips. Because you know kids will be kids no matter where they are. So it is our job to be prepared for anything to happen.

No matter how high my hopes are, there are always 20 things I can count on that will happen when I travel with my family.

20 Things That Will Happen When You Travel With Your Family

  1. Someone will have to pee at the MOST inopportune time.
  2. There will be moments of utter chaos.
  3. Someone will cry and decide to be upset at the worst possible second, causing you all to delay your activities.
  4. Someone will leave something important somewhere far behind.
  5. Someone will forget something at home and meltdown.
  6. The littles will gang up on you and be really loud in a moment when you need to concentrate.
  7. You will get lost, at some point, as someone has misread a map while refereeing a showdown between the littles.
  8. There will be at least one family argument/disagreement on the day’s activities.
  9. Someone will spill something on their clothes when you don’t have a second set available.
  10. Someone will point and say something super inappropriate at the wrong time.


  1. All of you will learn and see new things.
  2. There will be a LOT of fun photo ops for the whole family.
  3. There will be many genuine smiles, upstaging the few tears that have been shed.
  4. Deep belly laughs will become a regular thing as you explore together.
  5. A few times, everyone will look at the camera and genuinely smile for a great capture. The rest of the times, you will capture silly, funny moments that will entertain you for years to come.
  6. A deep family bond, a sense of belonging together, will be strengthened and grown.
  7. You will make new friends, some that may last a lifetime.
  8. You will see your children in a new light, as they will likewise see you.
  9. The comment “This is the best trip ever” will be spoken and your heart will swell with love.
  10. Together you will find new reasons to appreciate life.

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Family Travel: 20 Things that will happen when you travel with your family

It is my opinion that the good things on this list far outweigh the bad, making family travel an unforgettable, irreplaceable family adventure!

What are some things that you always count on to happen when you travel with your family?

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