True Change

True Change

True change

We live in an extraordinary time. A time of rapid change that reshapes the way we live, eat, think, work and raise our children on a daily basis.

It is change that provides not only incredible medical and technological breakthroughs, but also economic advances and adversely, tensions.  It provides education for girls and boys in even the most remote of locations broadening the possibility of good opportunities for all. True change promotes equality in all humans as we work together to advance and for a while, we have been doing incredible at it as a human race.

And no matter what we think or do about it, the pace of change is only gaining steam and moving faster. There simply is no stopping it.

Shocking history and a huge change was made yesterday when America came out on the side of racism, sexism, and xenophobia. This great country, that was founded by immigrants, that is called a ‘melting pot’, came out and elected a person who is so clearly racist, sexist and a xenophobiac shocks and scares me.

But, America has survived bigger changes than this before, and we have succeeded.

Because the true heart and soul of this country is not over there in DC on the hill. The true heart and soul of this country is right here in our homes, at our dinner tables, on our couches, in our yards.

We, the families are the true heart and soul of America.

True change for this country is only going to come from within our homes, nowhere else. And just because the White House is changing colors, does not mean we can not awaken, grow and stick together and truly create the change that needs to happen in this country.

Out of every darkness, there comes a light. And perhaps, just perhaps, Trump for POTUS will be the wake up call that each of our American families need to realize that we are the ones who are in charge and just how much power we really do have as citizens, that there are things we can do for our families and communities that will bring about the change we need to grow.

Perhaps his shocking examples of hatred will spur us to love and spread love that much more as the White House begins to make changes. We are the ones earning and spending, we are the ones raising children and living life each day making choices that we don’t realize affect so many things.

This country has been through wars, disease, depression and famine. In each of those times, through our fears, we have come together and conquered. Our families have made change work for all of us in the past and I am confident that we will do it again this time only to emerge on a more conscious level ready for the next step in evolution.

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


Your success as a family, Our Success as a society, depends not on what happens in the While House, but on what happens in your house. Barbara Bush quoted by James E. Faust


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